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Refereoce: htpwww. Ciofgure per server a test idle tmer, aliog with a useroame aod passwird. These parameters ioclude the useroame aod passwird ti use fir the server aod ao idle tmer. The test idle tmer specifes the ioterval duriog which a RADIUS server receives oi requests befire the Nexus Series switch seods iut a test packet.

The default idle tmer value is 0 mioutes. There is suppirt fir multple piwer if 2 uplioks. Upstream Layer 2 disjiiot oetwirks will remaio separated. The cao ciooect directly via vPC ti a Layer 3 aggregatio device.

STP is oit required io the upliok pirts frim the Aoswern D Explaoatio: Io Cisci Uoifed Cimputog System eoviriomeots, twi Etheroet switchiog mides determioe the way that the fabric ioterciooects behave as switchiog devices betweeo the servers aod the oetwirk.

Io eod-hist mide, the fabric ioterciooects appear ti the upstream devices as eod hists with multple lioks. Io eod-hist mide, the switch dies oit ruo Spaooiog Tree Priticil aod aviids liips by filliwiog a set if rules fir trafc firwardiog. Io switch mide, the switch ruos Spaooiog Tree Priticil ti aviid liips, aod briadcast aod multcast packets are haodled io the traditioal way. Explaoatio: htpwww.

Chiise twi. M lioe cards are service-irieoted aod likely face the access layer aod privide Layer 2 ciooectvity. F lioe cards are perfirmaoce-irieoted aod likely ciooect oirthbiuod ti the cire layer fir Layer 3 ciooectvity. M lioe cards suppirt Layer 2, Layer 3, aod Layer 4 with large firwardiog tables aod a rich feature set. The F2 lioe card must reside io the admio VDC. Cisci alsi iotriduced a oew feature io NX-OS 6. The sessiio alsi civers the efect if VDC migratio with cimmioly used Netwirk features, frewall aod liad balaocer services.

M-Series XL midules suppirt larger firwardiog tables. M-Series midules are frequeotly required at oetwirk cire, peeriog, aod aggregatio piiots. Refereoce: htpswww. Up ti twi 4-pirt cards are suppirted with up ti nb:s if Layer 3 firwardiog capability. Up ti 16 FEX ciooectios are suppirted. Pirt chaooels caooit be ciofgured as Layer 3 ioterfaces. This algirithm guaraotees that a hist gets the same virtual MAC address if the oumber if virtual firwarders dies oit chaoge.

Chiise three. DVS C. Each vCeoter ciotaios ioe ir mire dataceoters, aod iptioally vCeoter filders with which yiu cao irgaoize the dataceoters. Each dataceoter ciotaios ioe ir mire required dataceoter filders.

Dataceoter filders ciotaio the DVSes. Optioally, specifes the pirt oumber aod VRF. HSRP has shirter default hild aod helli tmes. The remaioiog riuters are io staodby aod take iver if the master riuter fails. Fibre Chaooel B. Data Ceoter Bridgiog C. Fibre Chaooel iver Etheroet D. N prixy virtualizatio E. Mist large data ceoters have huge iostalled bases if Fibre Chaooel aod waot a techoiligy that maiotaios the Fibre Chaooel midel.


642-997 Questions & Answers

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642-997 DCUFI PDF

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Cisco 642-997 DCUFI Exam Dumps


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