I would scold her roundly if she were not feeling so miserable, poor girl. Will you give her my regards? May I see her three days from now if she is recovered? He was of average height, slim and well-formed, fashionably dressed. His face was pleasant even if not startlingly handsome.

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Blyths house dubbed the finishing school for his pleasure and nothing else, never would he have dreamed he would meet the woman whom would change his heart and world forever Priscilla Wentworth. Priscilla must heal Geralds wounds of his past and get bast both their mistrusts to have a future together After reading A Precious Jewel, I can fully understand how Mary Balogh was able to break so many boundaries in romance novels, with two unconventional lead When Sir Gerald Stapleton visits Mrs.

Sir Gerald Stapleton has come to Mrs. Sir Gerald is a little disappointed that his regular lady he sees is sick, but takes the suggestion of seeing and trying out the new girl: Priss. After a blissful if not one sided encounter, Sir Gerald decides to make Priss his regular lady to visit there after, as she did what she was told and that was to do nothing and let Gerald has his pleasure and be done. Gerald brushes the remark off, until he meets up with Priss one night to see her having been abused.

Priscilla Wentworth was raised a well-bred lady, but due to the death of her whole family and her cousin making her life a living hell, she turns to her once governess Mrs. Priss sees no other way then to make due with what hand has been dealt to her and becomes one of the prostitutes of Mrs.

After being hurt by a customer, Gerald takes her as his mistress. Priss sees this as a positive knowing her time spent with Gerald is very precious. A Precious Jewel reminded me greatly of a calm river as you float along the story pages with the river running deep with two very deep and unconventional lead characters in Priss and Gerald. Gerald is slow, but far from stupid. Something he freely admits, it takes a little time for him to grasp events and situations.

This only adds another depth in Gerald with many male leads being very smart, very rich etc. Gerald mistrust of woman goes all the way back to his mother whom supposedly left him and later his step-mother who grown tried of her older husband and tried to seduce her step-son, before Gerald put a stop to it and went to school, which was a nightmare.

Gerald keeps a sort of shield around himself never letting anyone close. Gerald goes through many hurdles of his emotions, from the so called abandonment. Priss was another who quickly drew you in, always practical, this keeps Priss from dwelling on the bad things in life.

Instead of crying and having a fit, Priss makes due with her lot in life and keeps going. This show of quiet strength and spirt, is what makes Priss such a great lead. She loved Gerald greatly never putting him down or rushing him, but always steady and clam, saw the man whom was a little slow and not so perfect, and saw the strong man he could and would be. I could understand why Priss lied and in the face of what she was up against and not knowing if Gerald was willing to go that extra mile for her or that he even loved her, she always held out a hope that he would come for her.

When he does Priss is still unsure if he wants her or With the steam level set on medium, each sex scene is different and not just about sex but showing a side of the character. At the start Gerald is pretty selfish thinking of only his pleasure, but when he falls in love with Priss, he finally and truly makes love with her.

Although his mistrust and Priss fears later get in the way with them going back to the one-sided sex, you get a glimpse in each of their heads as both are still fighting their feelings and hurt and understand where their coming from. Overall: a truly remarkable book by an amazing author.


A Precious Jewel

The Ideal Wife Series This is the book of mine that seemed impossible to write but had to be written. I found myself not only fascinated by that relationship—Gerald had taken Priss from a brothel to be his mistress—but also obsessed by it. The problem was obvious. I was writing traditional Regency romances at the time, and it was clearly impossible to use a working prostitute as a heroine. And Gerald himself was a beta male, not the dashing, rakish rogue so beloved of Regency readers. But the story would not leave me alone. I finally wrote it—it took me two weeks!

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A Precious Jewel (Stapleton-Downes Series #2)




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