Launch the Artemide app. Artemide — Download Cable max height Logico mini sospensione 3 in linea: Luminous intensity Photometric value expressing the lighting power of a source for solid angle unit. Used to obtain all types of caatalogo calculations and related documentation in accordance with the legal regulations in force in various countries, as well as visualisations and animations for a realistic rendering of a project. The shaped section allows the reflected light to be deviated towards specific angles, so that the dazzle effect is removed. Measured in metres m and nano metres nm.

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Akinris Branch of physics studying the measurement of photometric values. Glare Visual condition in which there is discomfort or reduction of vision, caused by an unsuitable distribution or degree of brightness or too much contrast in space and time.

Louvre screen Screen whose shielding elements are lamellae made of opaque or translucent material. Cable max height Mouette asimmetrica: It is widely used in the automotive sector rear lamp covers of cars and motorcycles and in lighting.

Monochromatic radiation Radiation characterised by a single wavelength. Cable max height diffusers: I, where R is the electri- cal resistance characteristic of the conductor. Spectrum Distribution of a radiometric magnitude radiance, radiation intensity, radiating fluxas a function of radiations frequency or wave length. P Passive cooling System composed of one or more radiators making sure that a light source usually LED is working at an adequate temperature.

Antiquities 2 This standard also defines the maximum luminance of a device to be used in environments where there are video terminals. The colours emitted by heating the black body are, starting from the lowest temperatures, red up to 1,Korange between 1, and 2,Kwarm white 2, and 3,Kneutral white between 3, and 5,Kcold white from 5,K to infinity Colour tolerance Colour difference inside a chromatic section of a lighting source e.

Power supply A power supply is an electrical device that changes the output electrical tension from AC alternate to DC continuous. Fresnel lens Element allowing construction of large optics and small focal distance without the obstruction, the thickness and the weight of the material used to produce a spheric conventional lens of equivalent diottric power. The DALI system can manage single or groups of light fittings included in the same system. Retrofit Light cwtalogo using an advanced technology replacing an obsolete one with the same mechanical features.

Secondary optics In an optical system, these are elements that are intercepted by light in the second place. Colour the BIN defines a variable area of the chromaticity diagram. Screen Part of a lighting device consisting of translucent or opaque elements, geometrically arranged in such arttemide way as arttemide hide the lights from the observer at certain angles.

These can vary from zero to a maximum value, or from a mini- mum to a maximum value. EN Standard that defines lighting technology features such as average illumination, uni- formity, colour rendering and UGR for interiors. It can be made of white or coloured sources. Swan within a frame of two line, all in added red.

Visual performance Degree of effectiveness of the visual system, measured for example by the speed and accuracy with which a visual task is accomplished. Catallogo Optic element able to reflect light. Cable max height. Photometric values are obtained by radiometric valuess through integration of the radiometric spectrum, calculated on the photopic V curve lambda multiplied by It is measured in Ampere.

Cable max height Infrared remote control included. Uni EN standard UNI standard that establishes the lighting technology parameters related to worksta- tions. This is an interactive catalogue 1. Black glazed lekythos with ribbed body. Lux lx SI unit of illuminance. I Illumination Photometric value showing the quantity of luminous attemide for surface area.

Reflectance Ratio between the luminuous flux reflected by a surface and the luminous flux incident on the surface. The electrical power can be adapted in this way so that other electrical equipment can be used. S Saturation Attribute of a visual sensation that allows you to judge the proportion of pure chro- matic colour in the total sensation. Miniature kantharos, with female head on each sides, looped strap handles.

IP International Protection or protection class IP is a code summing up the level of protection of an electrical appliance in case of accidental or intentional contact with a human body or with objects, and also the protection against contact with water.

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