Help Wikipedia improve by adding precise citations! It is considered a standard reference in the study of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Gardiner lists only the common forms of Egyptian hieroglyphs, but he includes extensive subcategories, and also both vertical and horizontal forms for many hieroglyphs. He includes size-variation forms to aid with the reading of hieroglyphs in running blocks of text.

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The order is more or less one of preference. Reviewers are listed at end of page. With practical examples from the monuments. Quite nice, be it basic in nature. In the first part a basic introduction to the writing system sign types etc and some elementary grammar; in the second part exercises in the form of inscriptions on actual objects which make the reader familiar with some common formulae and vocabulary ; in the back a short list of royal and divine names and a shortened sign list.

The book seems to have appeared in the UK as: "Discovering Egyptian hieroglyphs. A practical guide" London, Davies - Egyptian Hieroglyphs British Museum, ; ca. It is not a real introduction but a very general treatment of the hieroglyphic writing system, comparable to the topic "Hieroglyps" in some general encyclopedia just better, of course. Too brief for in-depth study, but very good for very basic insights in the essentials.

It gives tables of various phrases attached to the theme titles, parts of names, etc. But there are no transliterations anywhere, and not everyone will like the hand-style of hieroglyphs. Translations from monuments can be followed only if you previously know some Egyptian. It looks like a hieroglyph help guide for a visitor to the museum. Culturologically informative nice maps of Egypt, hand-redrawn monuments , but miles from Collier-Manley in seriously introducing the script.

Not all will like her hand-drawn hieroglyphs, but it does give a good basic knowledge of the hieroglyphic writing system, common hieroglyphs, some basic vocabulary and grammar; it also has exercises for practice.

Mudloff and Ronald E. A field guide for travelers aimed at learning to translate the names, certain sign groups and funerary formulas. Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of the Treasures of Tutankhamun Translated Benben Publications, Mississauga, As the title indicates, the book translates the inscriptions of the items of the traveling Tutankhamun exhibition in Mercer - The handbook of Egyptian hieroglyphs: a study of the ancient language revised and expanded by Janice Kamrin, New York, Chronicle Books, Pb, pp.

Info: URL The aim of this book is to provide a practical, easy-to-follow guide to Egyptian hieroglyphs, giving readers sufficient grounding to enable them to decipher for themselves some inscriptions. Jacq well known ancient Egyptian story writer in France; holds a Phd from Sorbonne University wrote a good introduction to hieroglyphs, easy and fun to read.

A must for who looks for a general discourse on hieroglyphs and their culture. La methode French translation of the English original above. What you find in the book is not what you expect from the title: this interresting book is about what is in a name, how king names are built, priests, civil servants, workers at Deir el-Medina, accounting, time recording - the hieroglyphs are just background information.

Basic introduction self study to the script and to some Middle Egyptian. Eine Einfьhrung in die altдgyptische Schrift fьr Museumsbesucher und Дgyptentouristen 8th ed. URL "Allgemeinverstдndlich und zugleich wissenschaftlich fundiert vermittelt diese Einfьhrung einen Ьberblick ьber die Geschichte und Systematik der altдgyptischen Schrift.

Im Mittelpunkt steht die Hieroglyphenschrift, deren Zeichen ausfьhrlich erklдrt und beschrieben werden. Darьber hinaus wird das von der Hieroglyphenschrift abgeleitete hieratische Schriftsystem vorgestellt. Lesestьcke ermцglichen die Vertiefung der Schriftkenntnisse und regen an zum selbststдndigen Lesen altдgyptischer Inschriften. Entziffern, lesen, verstehen Droemer Knaur, Muenchen, Hardcover, ca.

See French original above. Hiлrogliefen ontcijferen en lezen: een stap-voor-stap leerboek voor zelfstudie. Amsterdam, , Bulaaq. Original work in Dutch, written by an Egyptologist, that in 8 chapters explains the principles of hieroglyphic writing, with examples and excercises in the form of texts from the RMO Leiden. After the glyph representation and pictures with related Egyptian art examples , some hieratic and demotic handwritings are shown, from different periods.

Roccati - Elementi di lingua egizia 3rd. At a quite elementary level. A very short grammar, with a section dedicated to some AE texts with translation. The theories of H. Polotsky had a major impact on how to look at the verbal system, and make all pre-Polotsky grammars outdated in regard to their treatment of the verbal system. GBP26 The classical grammar, complete, but in several respects outdated notably on the verbal system; pre-Polotsky and not really overly friendly for self-instruction, so best avoided or used only as companion to one of the modern grammars no.

By its size, exercises, Sign List and vocabulary lists still usefull. A key to the first nine exercises can be found at the Griffith Institute website; another key can be found at the website of Mark-Jan Nederhof , having all exercises; there are also hints and tips for working with this grammar from the AEL , compiled by Michael Dyall-Smith.

It is written for non-specialists, including people who are not familiar with grammatical terms, so ideal for self-study. On the website of Mark-Jan Nederhof you will find some clarifications to the exercises. Employs the "Standard Theory" Polotsky model of the Egyptian verbal system, with some innovations. From the same author: James E. As this part 1, it is not yet a complete grammar, and not everyone will like its very structured setup.

This revision is still rather concise pages , which might be a problem for self-study, but it has a good set of exercises. It does not have any exercises. Good; may be somewhat hard for a beginner, because of its pocket-grammar style, but informative if you already know some Egyptian.

Borghouts -- Egyptian. An Introduction to the writing and language of the Middle Kingdom. Translation of the excellent Dutch grammar 1 below, but fully revised, updated, and enlarged with a lot more pages. It is a comprehensive teaching grammar.

The same author is working on a reference grammar, which has not yet appeared: J. Smith - Middle Egyptian. Middle Egyptian. Undena Publications, Malibu, It is a though read, as it basically is written for linguists. It is very thorough though, covering also other stages of the Egyptian language plus vocalisation. So much material can hardly be found anywhere else in a single not expensive volume, so any more advanced student seriously studying the language should try to read it through.

Essentials are not emphasized, but it is comprehensive and has very good indexes. Mercer, Egyptian Hieroglyphic Grammar , Ares reprint; ca. English translation by James H. The most up-to-date teaching grammar in French. Clair and practical of style, without much theory.

With exercises, vocabulary and sign list. Please note this is a reference grammar and NOT a teaching grammar for beginners. As such it has no exercices nor progression in difficulty, and is very expensive. But very up-to-date and complete, with numerous examples. References are given in the end of each chapter to relevant articles and books unfortunately not given separatly for each point.

As indicated by the title, it is aimed at beginners only; fairly simple and also not very up-to-date as it is based on Gardiner. Grammaire pratique du moyen йgyptien. In terms of content, it addresses the grammar, vocabulary, writing and translation of texts of the classical Egyptian language. For each hieroglyph an animation is shown, illustrating how to easily reproduce it.

IFAOC reprint ; pp. GBP39 P. The ed. No sign list or exercises. Ockinga - Mittelдgyptische Grundgrammatik Mainz, , pp. Revised edition of H. Brunner "Abriss der mittelдgyptischen Grammatik".

See English translation above. In Dutch 1 J. But very systematic, and IMO very easy to find things in. Zonhoven - Middel-Egyptische grammatica. Een practische inleiding in de Egyptische taal van het hieroglyphenschrift. Leiden, ; pp With ca. From the description by the author I deduce it is aimed at beginners, more or less as a preparation to Gardiner.

Published by, and available with, ACCO. Published as a course book, containing 12 lessons plus exercises. In Spanish 1 Francisco J.


Egyptian Grammar (Gardiner)



Gardiner’s Sign List of Egyptian Hieroglyphs



Gardiner's sign list


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