Ogou Wanga for the Ladies The Ogous are known for their passion — and for the passion they inspire in their female followers. Jacques on his feast day instead of allowing the pilgrims inside. There were constant incidents, perpetual sacrifices. I saw a woman lift up her skirt in front of the saint on his white horse and say "Here I am, St.

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Meet a Church of Satan Nazi: Part 1. Oh well, repression breeds innovation. We continue documentation here on an outright Church of Satan nazi, this time providing a handy doxx on CoS member Kenaz Filan. Kenaz is a very troubled individual. For instance, he has harassed a vulnerable individual online in an effort to get them to kill themselves.

A common theme of his Gab posts, for instance, peddles anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that, besides asserting that the world is being run by a sinister Jewish cabal, is blaming the Jews for literally anything. Racism comes up a lot as well, where particularly black people and specifically individuals involved in Black Lives Matter are compared to wild animals. Additionally, he posts racist colonialist propaganda celebrating the brutalization of native people.

A prominent aspect of his Gab posts consist of all kinds of ignorant hysteria, debunked conspiracy theories, and anti-Semitic demonization. As with irrational beliefs generally and fascist beliefs particularly, Kenaz likely realizes that the claims he makes, and the claims made in the propaganda he shares, are entirely bullshit and have been demonstrated to be false; he likely merely wishes his fascist beliefs to be true and clings to them in spite of evidence to the contrary. And this disregard of truth is a hallmark of fascism.

This is detestable in a twofold manner: 1. His phone number is:.


Meet a Church of Satan Nazi: Part 1. Kenaz Filan – #ChurchofSatanDoxxes

Deities and Demagogues: for Rhyd Wildemuth For those who missed it: soon after the Polytheist Revival began it was rocked by controversy. By appealing to dangerous ideas like "Our Sacred Traditions" and whipping up fear of "Our Great Threat," these Nazis in Heathen garb were trying to take over OUR drum circles and spread their hateful racist ideology under the guise of spirituality. This is a recurring theme, as we will see in a few paragraphs. Among the groups targeted for scrutiny was Druidry. It is telling that in his response Rhyd quoted a few lines from the post but did not provide a link thereto.


Kenaz Filan

Destiny Books For our ancestors the whole world was alive with spirits. The Gods bubbled forth from rivers and springs and whispered in the breezes that rustled through cities and farms. The ground underfoot, the stones, the fire that cooked the food and drove off the darkness, these all had spirits - not just spirits in some other dimension, but spirits in them who could be spoken to and allied with. Providing a guide for opening two-way conversation with the spirits of daily life as well as direct communication with the gods, Kenaz Filan and Raven Kaldera explore how to enrich your spiritual path with personal gnosis asking your guides for assistance or teachings and receiving a response. They explain how to develop your sensitivity to the voices of the Divine, discern genuine spiritual messages from the projection of internal psychodrama and what to do and not do with the messages you receive. Offering practices and principles for seekers and groups, they reveal that the spirits never went silent, we simply forgot how to hear them. The… г.


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