By ProSoundNetwork Editorial Staff Mar 1, Mackie, purveyors of high-quality, feature-packed consoles at prices for the common folk, have now ventured into the powered mixer market. It has an eight-channel mixer, a built-in digital effects unit, two assignable power amps, graphic EQs and a bunch of typical Mackie adornments. The S is the companion to the M — one is stereo-capable and one is solely mono. Rounding out the line are three other models of lesser power and fewer channels.

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Kigarisar Try to stay somewhat flat with slight boosts and cuts on the main eq. Review the preceding troubleshooting suggestions. How efficient are your speakers????? The tape out should be lower in level, and a better match for the H4n inputs.

Have your name, shipping manhal no P. Mackie s Manual should the master volume be ran full power? Apparently it worked great I will be there — it is his community block party. All those items outlined by Mark act together to give you your solution. You might get lucky but it would be much better to cable up and try it out at the shop where spare cables and tools are readily available. Maybe you have a bad Mackie. There is no means to attenuate the tops independently, so any balance adjustment between sub and tops must be done on the sub.

Also, the attenuation for the tops would be in the mixer itself. Best source for parts anyone?? View the Media Kit. Are you running monitors and mains? Post a new question here Mackie still selling replacements parts or the is there another route I have to go through This Mackie product has been dropped, I use this method at every gig now.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: Like a previous poster questioned, how efficient are your speakers?

I expect the PRX to perform much better than a JRX as the specs are much better and I would be surprised if the eons outrun the sub in this instance — I would hope not!. Participate in the discussion. The Yorkville I recently got recommends setting the Master volume at out of 10 and bring up the individual channels to where you want the volume to be on our system that ranges from about depending on instrument or vocal mic, singer strength etc.

I now I need to check the mains output at power amp in 1 an so on. Help FAQs Go to top. I got it apart but, I had to take some time off, Im going to get back into it today and see if I mznual trouble shoot it better FXLR wired to 1 ea. But yes,ordinarily,you want the master as high as you need it to be to get the volume required without peaking the channel inputs.

Since we run things pretty flat now with a few minor tweeks to control feedback, msnual have much more clarity and vocal intelligability than before and can run much higher without feedback. Support — Mackie I have not had a chance to really dig in to this these are just preliminary findings its had a rough m many pots in the master section are needing replacement.

This item is in your list! Most Related.


Mackie 808M Manuals

Nakasa Mackie is room behind the powered mixer to provide sufficient ventilation It dawned on me that we run the EQ pretty sterile so as to cut through the wall of sound we produce. Thanks for the help! Try to stay somewhat mackoe with slight boosts and cuts on the main eq. I tried upping the master and lowering the channels and it did help alot. Best connection from Mackie PA to H4n?


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