Meet Princess Amy, the eye of a storm. Life in exile from her kingdom has taught passionate Amy to hate injustice, and on the enchanting English isle of Summerwind, she finds injustice personified by the powerful and wickedly handsome Jermyn Edmondson, marquess of Northcliff. How could such a little revenge and blackmail go so passionately wrong? He needed some excitement in his life. He stared toward the gray bank of fog creeping across the cresting green ocean.

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It ruins them in my eyes. For example: She hated grandmamma. Hated her, hated her, hated her. Calling her grandma a dragon and repeating hate 3 times was just stupid. I get it; kids are prone to melodramatics and tantrums.

But its just stupid, stupid, stupid. Jeremy Edmonson was immediately interesting. I liked Amy. She was a strong character with a sense of humor. She was mad at him and stuck to it, and she got some good insults in. I held out the hope that Northcliff was a virgin, as I always do. So when I found out he had kept mistresses I was disgusted and surprised.

Instant attraction is not ideal in a story. I just loved the way the very minute he tried to guess her identity, he almost did. He thought of her homeland, realized the queen was being controlled by someone and then comes perilously close to identifying her as one of the missing children.

He knew she was of aristocratic blood. Amy turned out to be just like every single other women in every single romance book. They find themselves fascinated by the men, when they should be man.

In the very beginning she finds herself captivated by the smell and weight of his jacket, his jacket for gods sake! No skill. I hate how the men always know the woman is a virgin.

And instead of playing it off, she blushes and looks away. Dead giveaway. It was Clarice everyone adored. Not Amy. But to hear Lord Northcliff inform her he would have moved any obstacle to have her as his mistress. He was jesting. Or a single day without indulging in debauchery had left him ready to be pleased by any female at hand. But if that was true, what kind of lustful beast would two days create? And why did she feel a warmth within her, a melting, a stretching of all that was instinctive and female?

She was clever. She was sharp-tongued. She was too angular, with elbows that poked at her sleeves and thin collarbones instead of plump shoulders. Her face was handsome rather than pretty, and he would have said she never smiled, except that she did. You have him lusting after her and wanting to make her his mistress, and you say that. And what lovely taste he has, he picks musicians and things like that, so they can sing him to sleep or play music.

In him. What the heck? Just say she enjoys sparring with him, anything else is just plain weird. Wth is wrong with you?! Jermyn stared after her, furious that she had goaded him into a loss of temper.

Because he had nothing to do except read. Because he was bored. Omg, make me gag. Come up with some new material, for the love of god. One that comes from reading hundreds of romance books. And the author decides to fall back on yet another aspect that hundreds of romance authors have recycled before her.

She has Jermyn become affected more so than he has with any other woman. He gets harder, and more erect, than he ever has with any other woman. And I just have to ask why? Why is he getting that way? Makes sense. He lunges for her, grabs her and they fall onto the cot. He placed his feet on the floor. Slowly he stood, rising to his full height closely against her, allowing her to feel his heat. His ire. Her eyes widened. She leaped away. Too late. He caught her around the waist.

Triumph roared through him. The chain snapped to its full length. The manacle grabbed at his ankle. He fell. Landed stop her on the cot. Beneath him, her breath whooshed out. They were sideways—she had one foot on the floor, one on the bed.. I sat and puzzled over that for several minutes.

How could they end up on the cot, much less sideways? He keeps kissing her, and she tries to fight him off. Amy should have been afraid that this caged beast, this being who at the same time bled and smiled, would rape her. Hurt her. Oh ok. I got it! She pressed her hands hard against his windpipe, and then a second later her hands slide around his neck and she kisses him.

I hope my future husband says those words to me. And when you get kidnapped you really want your jailer to know how to kiss. She goes along with everything, even after those cruel lines about her inexperience. And one mad thought stuck in her mind--he was the only one who could give her fulfillment.

Omg, r u serious?! Afterwards he smiles triumphantly like a complete jerk, showing her he was just proud of his victory. Good god in heaven, I am so sick of hearing that. His little sex kit was just dandy. How can your thoughts progress like that? Then he could have owned up to it, saying he had been free for days. It was pathetic. It was so aggravating, yet predictable, how she went along with everything—the captivity, the marriage, the voyage to the honeymoon cottage, and the honeymoon.

No words were spoken of love, not one single time. It was possession, plain and simple. How neatly he turned the tables on her! Turned the tables expression? In the s? Idk how many times he called her Lady Disdain. Every time he referred to Amy, he called her Lady Disdain. While normally I like nicknames, repetition can kill a book. She finds a gun in the cottage, and he realizes someone stuffed the barrel, so if she tries to shoot him, the gun will explode and end up killing her instead.

And then he realizes he loves her. Just like that. Gee, I think love was supposed to come way before this.





The Barefoot Princess




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