Pero por momentos me desesperan tantas penurias, y me hace preguntarme: no hay manera de que vivan en paz?. Como es posible que les pasen tantas cosas a las misma personas. Por el momento voy a dejar pendientes los que me faltan antes de saturarme Lei los cuatro primeros de corrido. Estas novelas no relatan una amor idilico entre dos personas casi sin dar pinceladas a sus vidas.

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After I have completed the BEES manuscript, a lot of things have to happen with my publishers before it is printed, released, and on the bookshelves for you to buy. My schedule of upcoming public events is always available on my official Appearances webpage at: www.

My Appearances page is updated regularly, but at irregular intervals as events are confirmed. Some events sell out quickly, so please check frequently for updates.

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Geological Survey. All first-person text was written by Diana Gabaldon. This homepage was last updated on Wednesday, April 22, , at a.

It will probably be published some time in Book Ten will be another Large Novel, so it will take some time several years at least to complete. And I have plans for other projects after Book Ten! Stay tuned… Follow Diana Online There are several ways to connect with me online. Besides adding new blogs and information to these webpages, I regularly post entries and communicate with readers on my official Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Serie Forastera Clarie y Jamie - Diana Gabaldon



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