If inspection shows the trouble is caused by defective workmanship or material, Makita will repair or at our option, replace without charge. Health and Safety Keep hands out of path of saw blade. Do not operate saw without guards in place. Do not perform any operation freehand. The workpiece must be secured firmly against the turn base and guide fence with a vise during all operations.

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Power and accuracy are arguably the two most important features on any miter saw — or on any saw at all, really. And in these departments, the Makita performs very well indeed. The 15 amp motor easily drives the blade at a sizzling 4, RPM, which is plenty of power to deal with most of what people will want to use this saw for. Even with all of this, the Makita still remains light at just This makes it easily transportable, and that may be desirable for those who are interested in a 10 inch miter saw.

Motor For a miter saw with a price well below some competitors, you may assume that the Makita lacks power. Thankfully, this is not the case. Accuracy Source: youtube. Sliding miter saws are more challenging to manufacture while also maintaining rock solid precision and accuracy.

This instability can lead to blade deflection, which of course has an awful impact on the accuracy of any miter saw. The non-sliding arm makes for rock solid stability, and you get the reliable accuracy that comes with having a solid base. The base of a miter saw is also very important when it comes to accuracy. This is what holds your work piece firmly in place while making cuts..

An uneven base would be like a house with faulty foundations. When it comes to accuracy, part of it comes down to the machine being used and the other part comes down to the user.

Makita also includes a few neat features to help with user-related accuracy, in the form of fantastic miter and bevel adjustment settings, and a great fence. For miter cuts, you get 0 to 45 degrees to the left, and 0 to degrees on the right. It tilts left up to 45 degrees. Both the miter and bevel adjustments on a miter saw should be easy to set, and also very secure when locked in place. The miter and bevel scales on the LS are large, clear, and easy to read. These are 15, All of these things are great, and really work to help the user get accurate settings for precise cuts with ease.

Dust Collection Source: youtube. So while you do get a dust collection bag with the Makita, you might as well not bother with it. This is the case with almost every miter saw, like I said.. It is possible to improve the dust collection capabilities of a miter saw quite a bit.. It also often means making transport of the miter saw very difficult.

You basically need a big hood behind the miter saw which is wide enough to catch a lot of the dust being kicked off the blade, and suck it up with a powerful shop vac. So, the dust collection is disappointing. Well, no frills also means no additional features. Actually, the best choice is to check out some stands anyway even if the manufacturer does offer one as an extra. Miter saw stands from manufacturer are often low quality or over priced.

So perhaps no stand being offered with the Makita is actually a good thing? Conclusion A no-frills 10 inch miter saw, for a great price.


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