Not even the most advanced physics, physiology or psychology, however, can explain even the most elementary qualities of our sensory awareness of that universe - qualities such as redness for example. Qualia used to be defined as sensory qualities such as colour and tone. But what if awareness is not an empty receptacle for sensory impressions, but has its own intrinsic sensual qualities - of the sort we experience as the inwardly sensed shape and substantiality of our bodies, the sensed lightness or darkness colour or tone of our moods, or a sensed feeling of warmth or coolness, closeness or distance to another human being? What if such sensual qualities of awareness are intrinsically meaningful - being the felt essence of meaning or sense? It argues that qualia are not simply qualities of our own human awareness but fundamental units of awareness. Atoms, molecules and cells are recognised as the physical form taken by field-patterns of atomic, molecular and cellular awareness composed of such units.

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Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Church of Christ, Scientist, denied that there was death, sickness, or pain. Yet she died. But the Church of Christ, Scientist, that she founded still exists and seems to have become more prosperous. Today they tell others that a patient only needs to believe he has no illness and he will not feel pain, and that a dying person only needs to believe he will not die, and he will not die.

As a result of this, many receive healing. Actually, the Church of Christ, Scientist, has nothing to do with Christianity or with science. It merely tries to develop the latent power of the soul in an effort to overcome the weakness of the physical body.

Through the development of the latent power of the soul, more and more works of wonders are happening. Among them there are some which are very supernatural and miraculous. However, all of these are just the manifestation of the latent power of the soul. Though I am not a prophet, I have studied the prophetic books. If he succeeds in laying hold of it, he will advance to do more and more works of wonder. There are two groups of people who lean toward different extremes.

One group says that miraculous things no longer exist; they do not listen to anything about any miracles such as divine healing. On the other hand, there is the other group of people who pay attention only to the miraculous things; they do not care where these miracles come from, whether they are from God or the enemy.

We should be careful not to lean toward either extreme. Whenever we see or hear of any works of wonders, we should ask, "Was this done by God or by the enemy? Was this done by the Holy Spirit of God, or was this done by the psychic law of man? We should not try to release the latent power that lies dormant within us.

If man does not use these organs, the evil spirit will use them instead. However, if we try laboriously to invoke the latent power behind these abilities, the evil spirit will give us many false miracles. Working by the principle of the soul and psychology will result in falsehood. Only the work which is done through the power of the Holy Spirit is genuine.

The Holy Spirit works according to a law, because Romans speaks of "the law of the Spirit of life. Only the works of wonders done through the law of the Spirit are from God. It is extremely difficult for the Moslems to believe in the Lord Jesus. Comparatively speaking, there are very few Moslems who believe in the Lord I do not mean none. When Moslems pray, how do they pray? They must go to their mosques to pray three times a day. They claim that the accomplishment of a certain matter only requires thousands and tens of thousands to pray for it in one accord.

There is a huge mosque in Mecca, the most famous place among all the Moslems. It can accommodate one hundred thousand people. At one time there were one hundred thousand Moslems praying within the mosque.

After their prayer another one hundred thousand who were waiting outside went in to pray. What did they pray for? There was one sentence which they shouted in one accord: "We want the recovery of Turkey; we want to be free from the dominion of the white race.

Consequently, Turkey was freed from the dominion of the white race and was restored. It is a pity that the prayers of many believers are not answered by God, but by the projection of the latent power of their soul.

Their purpose is accomplished in the same way that the Moslems accomplished theirs. Consider again the power in Hinduism. In Hinduism, some can walk on fire without being scorched. This is a fact. When they walk on fire, it is not for just a few steps, but for quite a long distance.

Every step they tread is on red-hot iron; yet, they are not hurt. In Hinduism, some can also sleep on a bed of many pointed nails but without being hurt. Beginners cannot bear it and feel the pain. These are also related to the development of the power of the soul. Many wonders performed by believers are done with the same power as those in Hinduism. Christians often feel that they are being oppressed by a certain power during a meeting or feel bored and troubled while praying and reading the Word.

Not only do we feel this way, all experienced Christians all over the world feel the same way; they feel that in this age, the attacks from Satan are particularly severe. Therefore, we should hide ourselves under the precious blood of the Lord and be protected by it. One can also feel right away if something is trying to stir someone up. The preacher may say, "Today, some have repented and are saved. Among them, there is the mixture of an improper power. If the power is from God and the Holy Spirit, one will feel extremely clear and relaxed.

If the power is from the enemy or the soul, it will be developed by the fact that there is a great crowd. This is where the difference lies.

I hope we will all have the discernment and not be deceived. The time is near. Satan is trying his best to stir up the latent power by means which are commonly used by religionists, scientists, and even Christians.

The fact lies clearly before us. May we pray to the Lord to give us the light so that we can have the true discernment!


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Zulkibei Through ascetic practices they may eventually attain to the elimination of all food. Satan is utilizing science psychology, psychiatryreligions, and some ignorant churches which inordinately pursue supernatural manifestations and manipulate supernatural gifts in an unscriptural way to saturate this world with the power of darkness. It seems my mother was highly influenced ne these two books, and that her deep fears of being spiritually deceived may have been founded on them. He will be so oppressed by this force that he will do exactly what you have asked for. Sadly we think from the persecutive of our context locally in the world. People who are ignorant tend to think that at his fall Adam lost all of his wonderful powers.


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The Latent Power of the Soul by Watchman Nee, A series of three articles written to discuss the strange manifestations of supernatural power which many people claim to be able to exercise, including telepathy, telekinesis, astral projection, visions, premonitions, and hypnosis. Here, these psychic powers are attributed to the soul. In The Communion of the Holy Spirit , some of these powers are attributed to evil spirits. Regardless of their source, in both books, we are cautioned to avoid them.



Shelves: the-latent-power-of-the-soul i have got some insights of how present paranormal actions or miracles are performed. Oct 04, Eli rated it did not like it This book was a disappointment. He claims that Adam must have had supernatural powers, for how else could he have been able to tend to the Garden? On the basis of this reasoning Nee dedicates his entire book, warning Christians about the latent power of the soul - supernatural powers - that still exists within all humans.

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