Description[ edit ] First page of the Stabat Mater in a copy from the 18th century, kept in Florence at the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini The Stabat Mater consists of eighteen pieces that can be grouped into four parts, starting and ending with a duet. Thus the work is one of his most popular religious works today. Stabat Mater dolorosa, a due — Adagio Cujus animam gementem, canto solo — Moderato e dolce O quam tristis, alto solo — Poco andante Quae moerebat et dolebat, a due — Adagio Quis est homo, canto solo — Andante Quis non posset contritari, alto solo — Andantino Pro peccatis suae gentis, canto solo — Moderato Vidit suum dulcem natum, a due — Moderato Pia Mater, canto solo — Andantino Sancta Mater, alto solo — Andante moderato Fac ut ardeat cor meum, canto solo — Andante molto Tui nati vulnerati, a due — Adagio Juxta crucem, alto solo — Andante smorzato Virgo virginum praeclara, canto solo — Allegro Fac ut portem Christi mortem, alto solo — Recitativo — Adagio e piano Inflammatus et accensus, canto solo — Andantino Fac me cruce custodiri, alto solo — Recitativo — Largo Quando corpus morietur, a due — Adagio e piano — Allegro.

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His name became known thanks to his comic opera La Serva Padrona. He was slightly handicapped and had a weak constitution. He probably died of tuberculosis. A lot of confusion exists about which works Pergolesi did or did not compose.

As his work came more and more in demand, some publishers tried to make a little extra by taking an anonymous composition and attaching the name of Pergolesi to it. However, about the Stabat Mater there is no doubt. It is known that in his early years he composed a Stabat Mater in A minor. The commission for this work was given by the same Order in Naples for which Alessandro Scarlatti had composed a Stabat Mater in in Though the score of the compositions is almost identical, the melodic lines of Pergolesi are more sentimental and highly ornamented.

The piece was widely acclaimed and it seems to have inspired many composers to imitate, paraphrase and adapt see Brunetti , de Nardis and Paisiello. Joseph Eybler — , who was a friend of Mozart and who became Court Kapellmeister in Vienna after Antonio Salieri, added a choir to replace some of the duets, and extended the orchestra. The well-known producer Frank Fitzpatrick, who also composed music for numerous movies, recently produced a CD in a kind of hip-hop style for the singer Sasha Lazard, with a Stabat Mater composition by him, based on Pergolesi See CD This group is a string quartet, but they sing, too, playing all kinds of music, from Cole Porter to Mozart.

Though they are a kind of musical clowns, their interpretation of the music comes close to being serious. It plays during the film titles.

About the Stabat Mater.


Stabat Mater



Stabat mater in do minore


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