Aradal Mounting Manusl Commissioning Mounting and Commissioning This chapter is intended for experienced commissioning staff. As this power only appears during ground faults for a short period of time, the rated power can be smaller by approx. Motor with the following data: According to the example, approximately trips can yet be carried out at a tripping current of 10 kA. Power System Data 1 Functions 2. Panel Flush Mounting Mounting and Commissioning 3.

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Kajinn Page of Go. High Impedance Protection go. Page 49 Functions 2. Disassembly Mounting and Commissioning 3. Double Activation Blockage Parallel switching operations are interlocked. When setting the Power System Data 1 see Section 2. The forward direction of power P forward, Q reverse is the direction of the line.

Numerical overcurrent, motor and overload relay pages. Jumpers X to X must be set to the same position! The trip will, however, only take place if the current criterion is met at this time, i. Bay controllers Bay controllers are devices with control and monitoring functions without protective functions. Page 36 Functions 2. In case of a high overvoltage, tripping switchoff is performed with a short-time delay, whereas in case of less severe overvoltages, the switchoff is performed with a longer time delay.

Inverse-time Overcurrent Protection 51 n Technical Data 4. According to the example, approximately trips can yet be carried out at a tripping current of 10 kA. Table Initiating automatic reclosure As an isolated or resonant-grounded system remains operational with a 7sj2 ground fault, this protection serves the purpose of detecting double ground faults with high ground fault currents.

The sub- sequent figures 7aj62 housing sizes Figure Front view with housing size after removal of the front cover simplified and scaled down Figure Front view of the 7SJ64 with housing size If set to ON with GF log, tripping is possible, a fault log and a ground fault log are generated. The parameterization in VT Connect. The selection is made via parameter setting of the automatic reclosing function.

Failure to observe these precautions can result in death, personal injury, or serious material damage. Commissioning Mounting and Commissioning 3. Page 99 Functions 2. This measurement method processes the sampled values of the current and filters in numerical order the fundamental harmonic so that the higher harmonics or transient peak currents remain largely unconsidered.

Following the general diagrams are diagrams that show the proper connections of siemen devices to primary equipment in many typical power system configurations. Consequently, the device starts monitoring. If the voltage cri- terion drops out during this time period about 60 msthe protection function does not pick up. Page 72 Functions 2. Ground Fault Location Functions 2. Interface Modules Mounting and Commissioning siemebs. The position of the connections can be seen in the following figure.

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Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ62 Manuals

Page 89 Functions 2. The same applies to 79 AR inst. Electrical Tests Technical Data 4. Busbar Tripping For testing the distribution of the trip commands in the substation in the case of breaker failures it is important to check that the trip commands to the adjacent circuit breakers is correct. If only two phase-to-phase voltages were measured, it would not be possible to evaluate two of the required criteria.




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