This is the eleventh draft of this letter. You once asked me never to lie to you. All right, so. I tried to be the thief of you, to ambush and take prisoner what I thought I could never earn or be given. Though not as much of a surprise as what happened at dinner. The revolution started prematurely because the idiot conspirator blew up his secret ammo dump and lit the sky with his intentions.

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District succession scandals Ekaterin is violently allergic to marriage as a result of her first exposure. He has a cunning plan Lord Mark Vorkosigan has a problem: his love for the sunny Kareen , daughter of Commodore Koudelka , has just become unrequited again.

Lord Ivan Vorpatril has a problem: unrequited love in general. But Ivan had never thought the odds applied to him. He too has a cunning plan Plot Summary Edit The plot to this tale is immensely complicated, with five viewpoint characters whose tales tangle intricately.

In timing, it follows immediately after Komarr. Miles began his wooing of her by setting her up with a garden-design job on a plot of land that he owned near Vorkosigan House. Ivan Vorpatril , upon meeting her, was thinking he might try to court her himself; Miles offended Ivan by demanding that he give his word as Vorpatril not to make any such attempt.

In retaliation, Ivan decided to get back at him by finding her some other suitor — Alexi Vormoncrief , a young idiot Lieutenant who worked in Ops. Miles had extracted his word from Ivan, with downright ruthless determination. Forced it, practically, and a forced oath was no oath at all. The culture shock of her return to Barrayar left her unable to explain to her family that she was romantically involved with Mark Vorkosigan.

Also, she had been hoping to continue studying on Beta, but learned that her family would not be able to support her financially. The two of them convinced Kareen to work for them as a lab manager in the makeshift lab they had set up in the basement of Vorkosigan House. She hoped to make enough money from the scheme to be able to return to Beta. Is she the enemy, then?

She returned as a man, Lord Dono Vorrutyer, and a claimant to the countship. Further, another Count of the Council, Count Vormuir , had decided to correct a population-growth problem in his District by mass-producing daughters for himself.

Miles managed to apologize to Ekaterin and was just beginning to restore their relationship on a more honest basis, when Richars Vorrutyer showed up. And how did you respond to this? Ivan wanted to marry, too, but had no one to pick. Vormuir was compelled to pay large dowries for his daughters as new laws preventing future such abuses of birth technology were to be developed. Major Characters.

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A Civil Campaign Quotes

Plot summary[ edit ] An Imperial wedding is afoot, as Gregor Vorbarra, Emperor of Barrayar, has finally found love in the form of Komarran heiress Laisa. Miles Vorkosigan is trying to woo the recently widowed Ekaterin Vorsoisson , but fearing that an open approach would drive her away, he takes an indirect approach: to get to see her frequently and knowing of her ambition to become a landscape designer, he hires her to design a garden beside Vorkosigan House. His clone brother Mark also has romance problems. He and Kareen Koudelka became lovers in Beta Colony, but the sexual mores of conservative Barrayar are much stricter, and she keeps their relationship a secret from her family. When Miles warns his handsome cousin Ivan Vorpatril that Ekaterin is off-limits to him, Ivan decides to secretly send a few rival suitors to visit her.


A Civil Campaign

Dear book it is not you, it is me. You are great and I sincerely wish you more new satisfied readers in the future. I just had different expectations, sorry. I expected you to be dashing, daring, take the risk and hell with the consequences type. Instead I got a romance.





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