Note: This monitor uses a TN panel. It does not support IPS. This did not reoccur in Since it is likely yours will also be off, calibration may be required. In addition, every monitor will be slightly different in terms of how much correction is needed.

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Page 2: Safety Safety Note: To ensure your safety and prolong the life of the product, read Electrical the following safety recommendations carefully before using the product safety for the first time. Do not touch the inside of the monitor. Only authorized and qualified technicians should open the LCD monitor case. Page 3: Special Notes On Lcd Special notes on LCD monitors The following symptoms are normal for LCD monitors and do not indicate a problem with the device: Due to the nature of the fluorescent light, the screen may flicker during initial use.

Turn off the power switch and then turn it on again to make the flicker disappear. You may find slightly uneven brightness on the screen depending on the desktop pattern you use. Page 4: Installation Installation instructions Note: Read the Safety section carefully before starting the installation. Orange indication: Sleep status in the energy-saving mode.

Colorless indication: Power off. Press this button to enter OSD. See Page 9. If you want to adjust the image for analog settings to suit your personal preference, follow the steps below: Click Menu to display the OSD window as shown in the following figure. If you want to adjust the image settings to suit your personal preference, follow the steps below: digital Click Menu to display the OSD window as shown in the following figure.

Page 8: Screen Adjustment Screen Function Definition adjustment Primary Secondary directory directory symbol symbol Secondary Description directory items Adjusts the contrast between the foreground Contrast and background of an image on the screen.

Adjusts the background brightness of the Brightness screen. Adjusts the focus of the image Phase for analog input adjustment only. Move the mouse slightly or press any key to return norm The Power Saver function can only be operated by the display card of the Page Technical Technical specifications Panel dimension Max. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1 this device may not cause harmful interference, and 2 this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

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Acer AL2216W User Manual


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