There were a lot of consistencies in those two books. The one that jumps on you is the thought that the main character is a heartless wrench who got no feelings or emotions even for the people with whom he is working with or for his relatives too. The other quality that stayed true in both the book is something that I love. He right away jumps into the bed and starts doing things what he is good at and in midst of that he does the foreplay. I like it because for me I want the story to be a high octane thriller and these foreplays are just the opposite. It left me with more questions than answers.

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He was born on 21 April in Shettleston , Glasgow , the third of four sons of a Church of Scotland minister, [4] but spent much of his childhood and youth in Daviot , ten miles south of Inverness. He learned English as a second language after his mother tongue, Scottish Gaelic. He was first assigned to PS Bournemouth Queen, a converted excursion ship fitted for anti-aircraft guns, on duty off the coasts of England and Scotland.

There he saw action in in the Atlantic theatre , on two Arctic convoys and escorting aircraft carrier groups in operations against Tirpitz and other targets off the Norwegian coast.

He took part in Convoy PQ 17 on Royalist. During this time MacLean may have been injured in a gunnery practice accident.

MacLean was discharged from the Royal Navy in He then studied English at the University of Glasgow , working at the Post Office and as a street sweeper.

The wife of Ian Chapman, editor at the publishing company Collins had been particularly moved by "Dileas", and the Chapmans arranged to meet with MacLean, suggesting he write a novel. The school teacher responded with HMS Ulysses , based on his own war experiences, as well as credited insight from his brother Ian, a master mariner. The book was written over three months. Most of the characters died, in fact only one survived the book, but when I came to the end the graph looked somewhat lopsided, there were too many people dying in the first, fifth and tenth chapters so I had to rewrite it, giving an even dying space throughout.

Collins were rewarded when the book sold a quarter of a million copies in hardback in England in the first six months of publication. It went on to sell millions more. The book was very successful, selling over , copies in its first six months. Film rights for Java Head were sold but no movie resulted. The Last Frontier was turned into a movie, The Secret Ways , which was not very successful while the film version of The Guns of Navarone was hugely successful.

They sold well, and MacLean made no attempt to change his writing style. I will make that claim for myself. He never re-read a book after it was finished. Everyone knows that men and women make love, laddie — there is no need to show it.

He was not a success and wound up selling all three hotels by During this time a film was made of The Satan Bug MacLean agreed and Kastner sent the writer two scripts, one by William Goldman, one by Robert and Jane Howard-Carrington, to familiarize himself with the format. Kastner said he wanted a World War Two story with a group of men on a mission to rescue someone, with a "ticking clock" and some female characters.

This script was Where Eagles Dare. MacLean also wrote a novel for Where Eagles Dare after the screenplay which was published in before the film came out.

The book was a best seller and the film version was a huge hit. All his books are conceived in cinematic terms. They hardly need to be adapted for the screen; when you read them, the screen is in front of your mind. A film version was announced in but did not result for another decade. They planned to make a sequel to Guns of Navarone only to discover Foreman had registered the title After Navarone. This led to a falling out with Foreman and a delay in the Navarone sequel. These books all began as screenplays for Kastner.

It ended up being a novel and a film. By MacLean had sold over 24 million novels. My business is writing. This company still owned these film rights after MacLean divorced Mary in However the rights soon passed to Snell. He then pitched six new ideas to networks, each with a 25—30 page synopsis to see which was commercially viable before.

Often these novels were worked on by ghost writers specializing in drama, with MacLean providing only the plots and characters. One of them was filmed as Death Train He married for a second time in , the marriage being divorced in Maclean is a writer and historical novelist.


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