F The contents of this document are proprietary and confidential information of Ambarella Inc. Ambarella assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions and r reserves the right to change, without notice, product specifications, operating characteristics, packaging, ordering, etc. Ambarella assumes no liability for damage resulting from the use of information contained in this document. D Ambarella Inc. The device enables digital camera and digital high definition camcorder capabilities seamlessly in a single product.

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By branching out it seems they want their chips in many more imaging devices and be less affected by the GoPro product cycle. Notice the correlation in price fluctuations. Ambarella still seems like the more diversified investment. The announced H2 and H12 chips are able to provide beefy 4k specs at high frame rates for mobile devices at a mere 2 Watts of power.

As to p frame rates it will remain to be seen how this powerful new chip can handle that in a camera design and how it is implemented to squeeze that performance. This however can be limited by the rest of the components like imaging sensor.

H2 Main Specs: 4k H. We expect the GoPro Hero 5 Black to be a 4k 60p device and not fps, however we might be pleasantly surprised to see a lower quality mode for fps at 4k. As for p the new GoPro cameras should be able to deliver fps or more at full HD without breaking a sweat.

Only the memory buffer will be the limiting factor here. We expect to see many products using the new Ambarella SOCs in with the action cameras being the prime market as they have been in the past. These high frame rates deliver smooth video during fast action shots and slow motion playback. Both SoCs have extremely low power consumption allowing for the design of small form factor cameras, and feature advanced 3D electronic image stabilization, potentially eliminating the need for mechanical gimbals.

The integration of a 1. Its hardware de-warp engine supports wide-angle panoramic camera designs, while USB 3. H2 supports live streaming of a second, low-delay, Full HD video stream for wireless monitoring and camera control. Its de-warp capability allows the use of wide-angle lenses with minimal image distortion.

H12 also supports the live video streaming of a second, low-delay Full HD video stream. Pricing and Availability Tweet Visited 4, times, 1 visits today.



Fekora Appendix A for a full pin map and multiplexing information. Fabricated in 14nm process technology, the H22 offers very low power consumption, enabling 4K cameras with small form factors and extended battery life. VisLab has developed computer vision and intelligent control systems for automotive and commercial applications, including Advanced driver-assistance systems and several generations of autonomous vehicle driving systems. All formats are multiplexed on the same physical pins which may be tied directly to the different output jacks Care should be taken to make sure the output signals are not Alternately, an external filter may be used to overloaded causing the picture to be darker.


Ambarella H2 Promises 4k at 120fps!



Ambarella S5 - 4K UHD H.264/H.265 IP Camera SoC


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