Bar The aim of this study was to evaluate the anatomy aesoalho the AP nulliparous asymptomatic at rest and Valsalva maneuver, using transvaginal ultrasonography threedimensional UTV-3D. Two independent observers evaluated the scans in order to identify the levator ani coccygeal, pubococcygeal, iliococcygeal and puborectalis musclesobturatorius internus and urethral sphincter muscles, and the pubovesical and pubourethral ligaments. MR-based three-dimensional modeling of the normal pelvic floor in women: All measurements were compared at rest and during Valsalva, and determined perineal and bladder neck descent. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Regadas, Sthela Maria Murad Format: Magnetic resonance imaging of the levator asxoalho with anatomic correlation. Services on Demand Journal.

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ABSTRACT It is growing the interest in the evaluation of the pelvic floor musculature, considering its important function in the control of the continence, breathing, support of the pelvic organs and in the sexual function. RESULTS: The most accessible techniques for clinical practice are the manual test of the musculature and the sensor of vaginal pressure, while ultrasound and image of resonance magnetic are more detailed.

Functional resonance magnetic is specific to evaluate brain activation and electromyography display muscular synergies, both of them let a better understanding of neural control. Keywords: pelvic floor, muscles, evaluation. A maioria deles teve como sujeitos apenas mulheres 1,4, , apenas um avaliou homens e mulheres Differences in muscle activation patterns during pelvic floor muscle contraction and valsalva manouevre.

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Eur Radiol May Test—retest and intra-observer repeatability of two-, three- and four-dimensional perineal ultrasound of pelvic floor muscle anatomy and function. Functional imaging of stress urinary incontinence. RBGO ; 27 1 : Assessment of voluntary pelvic floor muscle contraction in continent and incontinent women using transperineal ultrasound, manual muscle testing and vaginal squeeze pressure measurements.

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