Meztikora Suspend my disbelief, but do not force me to think that this is an alternate universe. Which leads to her being abducted by that hazarr boar, when Justins bitch of a mother solds her. Hazard of Hearts Barbara Cartland No preview available — The dowager marchioness is despicable, immoral, vicious, selfish, hzzard with controlling her sonand addicted to gambling and opium. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. How far will his mother go to stop it?

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Start your review of A Hazard of Hearts Write a review Shelves: virginal-heroine , sexy-hot-hero , beautiful-heroine , fucked-up-relatives , hero-celibate-during-separation , heroine-celibate-during-separation , hero-was-a-stubborn-asshole , badass-hero , pathetic-ow , no-sex This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Serena finds herself at the mercy of Justin after her father gambles with the H and loses; the end result is that the heroine loses not only her home, Staverley, but also her freedom because her father had gambled away her hand in marriage.

After he lost the wager, her father then went and got killed in a duel. The issue of the marriage is put on hold for a while until they get to know each other better. But, there are bigger problems lying in wait at Mandrake. You must be careful. There is evil here. I cannot bear any more. It has been a vastly disturbing day and I am very tired.

Kindle Edition. The dowager marchioness is despicable, immoral, vicious, selfish, obsessed with controlling her son , and addicted to gambling and opium. Cartland presents a mild Oedipus complex trope via the dowager and the H, because the latter adores his mother so much that he blinds himself to the reality of just how evil and manipulative she can be.

Harriet treats the heroine like crap but she always ensures that she does it when the H is absent. The OW gets mad at this and ends up taking out her anger on the heroine, by being spiteful and nasty. Besides, my mantuamaker was pressing. He seemed utterly unperturbed and yet there was a touch of steel in his voice as he said quietly: "I can give you no more for the present.

These 2 dirtbags decide that he will kidnap Serena and marry her. Fortunately, Serena manages to escape from Lord Wrotham and Justin discovers that his dearest mommy is a ratty old bitch. The author wrote a fantastic detailed scene where Justin rips his mother apart verbally: "How dare you!

It was bad enough that you should contrive at the seduction of an innocent girl, a child whom I entrusted to your care because I believed that with all your faults you were at least a gentlewoman. But that you should plot against someone who has accepted the hospitality of our house and our home, that you should sell her and betray her for filthy money is a disgrace which will for ever stain with utter shame our pride and our honour.

Serena, in her haste to save the H and show him how much she loves him, ends up creating more difficulties for herself and the H: 1. This ends up with an immediate emergency marriage of convenience because Justin has to save her reputation.

This makes her lie to him about being in love with some other man. It turned out that La Flamme used to his mistress but was currently the mistress of another guy called Sir Peter. Then, she threatens Serena and bullies her so badly that the heroine runs off in the heavy fog and fall off a cliff!

Her behaviour is so appalling that the smugglers get angry and stone her to death: "Stone me, would you, thieves? For that you shall cry on your knees for mercy. But she got no further. Another stone, a big one, caught her between the eyes, and as she staggered with the impact of the blow, there came another and yet another.

Stop it. Stones were flying through the air, one after another they crashed against her, beating the Marchioness to her knees and then to the ground. She gave one cry, but it was lost in the general milee of sound. There was a noise, guttural and thick, such as an animal makes when it pulls down its prey, and then suddenly there was only the sound of footsteps running down the tunnel towards the open sea.

There was a shout, an incoherent noise, a splashing of oars as if they hastily and without caution struck the water. Then there was silence. The best part of the ending was seeing the big bad hero fall to knees and confess his insta-love for the sweet, demure and beautiful ingenue heroine: For a moment the world stood still and then, with an effort, Justin went on speaking.

I wish you to know, my beloved, that I have loved you from the very first moment I saw you when you stood at the top of the staircase at Staverley Court. I loved you because you were so utterly different from anyone I had ever known or seen in my life before; and yet, because I was cynical, because I had been disillusioned so often and so completely by other women, I doubted what I saw with my own eyes. Always I was afraid to obey the instincts of my own heart, always I was trying to catch you out, to find you less pure, less fine, than you appeared.

I could not believe, you see, that anyone could be so beautiful, so perfect as you - and come to me unsullied, unspoilt. And, as expected, the forces of Goodness totally devoured all the forces of Evil.


A Hazard of Hearts



A Hazard Of Hearts


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