Several factors help Bayliner Marine Corp. And nowhere is this more evident than in its Ciera Sunbridge. There are nine models in the Ciera line of cruisers ranging from 22 to 33 feet in a variety of cockpit styles including command bridge, pilot house, hard top and sunbridge configurations. At 24 feet long by 8 feet five inches wide at the beam , the is an express-style mid-cabin cruiser that tips the scales at only 5, pounds with the base engine. That means it can be easily trailered by a variety of tow vehicles. Although a trailer is not standard, Bayliner builds one specifically for the

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Chapter 1: Welcome Aboard! S p e c ia l Ca r e F o r Mo o r e d B o a ts If moored in saltwater or fresh water, your boat will collect marine growth on its hull bottom.

We urge you to read these warnings carefully and follow all safety recommendations. The accesso- ries are protected by circuit breakers on the battery switch panel and by the accessory circuit breakers located below the steering wheel. We recommend that you thor- oughly read and understand the battery charger manual before using the charger. It may be necessary to turn off one or more accessories in order to use another accessory.

The navigation and inte- rior lights installed on your boat are of top quality, but you should be aware that failure may periodically occur for a variety of reasons: 1. Be sure to read and understand these manuals before operating or performing maintenance to the engine. One autofloat switch is mounted next to the bilge pump it acti- vates, and is wired directly to the battery so it will normally function even when the boat is completely shut down and left unattended.

Seawater is used to flush waste from the toilet into the holding tank. Please refer to the air conditioner manual for detailed operating instructions. Slide the swivel ends A of the main bow B over the side windshield frames C and insert the pins D.


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