Medical books Blueprints Obstetrics and Gynecology. Each chapter is brief and includes pedagogical features such as bolded key words, tables, figures, and Key Points. A question-and-answer section at the end of the book presents board-format questions with rationales. The newest techniques in contraception and sterilization and hormone replacement therapies are covered, as are contemporary treatment options for uterine fibroids and invasive breast cancer. This popular Blueprints book has been refined and updated while keeping the concise, organized style and clinical high-yield content of previous editions.

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Asking friends, searching SDN, and consulting seniors can provide a confusing mixed bag of advice. Compiled below are comprehensive recommendations on the best books and resources. Happy studying! The current edition comes with clinical vignettes and questions at the end of each chapter. This is not the proper text if you have a week to cram but, if time permits and you schedule out your studying the rotation, this is a fantastic resource tailored for the shelf.

Chapters are outline based, and always start out with definitions and terminology for that particular chapter, which is a nice touch.

There are appropriate tables and diagrams to help guide understanding and each chapter ends with a few "clinical situations" where a patient snapshot is given and the proper management is given with some clinical pearls—all high yield situations that are commonly tested on the Shelf exam. A great supplemental text—or primary if used in conjunction with plenty of questions. The caveat is that the question bank is only for schools that have a subscription to the question bank; contact your clerkship coordinator to see if your school already has one.

There are some sample questions you can access with the username: apgouwise apgo. It is a quick and easy read and can serve as a primary text, in conjunction with questions, if you are strapped for time. It is a beefy pages long with great pictures and diagrams. A great text to reference when you have question regarding specific management issues or pathology and a must have for future Ob-gyn applicants who are planning to do their Sub-Is in Ob-gyn.


Blueprints Obstetrics and Gynecology (Blueprints Series)

A year-old woman presents complaining of vulvar pain that increases with ambulation and intercourse. She also notes a lump on her right labia that has increased in size over the past 48 hours and is quite painful. The patient has had these same symptoms in the past. On examination she has a 5-cm tender cyst on the medial aspect of her right labia, with a surrounding erythema of the labia that extends 1 to 2 cm away. What would be your first step in management of this patient? Insertion of Word catheter c.


Blueprints obstetrics & gynecology

Chegg does not guarantee supplemental material with textbooks e. Literary Remixes 0 comment. Return within 21 days of the order for any reason. CDs, DVDs, access codes, or lab manuals.


Blueprints Obstetrics and Gynecology 6th Edition PDF



Blueprints Obstetrics and Gynecology 5th


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