BMS 12N630 PDF

Last, but not least, we ask the plate-amp to boost response some dB with below 50 Hz. Every graph needs interpretation in terms of what it means sonically and how it impacts our choice of mating drivers, cabinet and crossover design. Some good watts are mostly all we need to run a midrange-tweeter combo on top of our bass system. Have used this tweeter extensively. If not, you may add jacaranda veneer, glossy Mercedes metallic paint or 24 karat gold leaf to your liking.

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BMS Located in Hannover Germany, BMS manufactures and designs compression drivers of high and mid-high frequency range for pro audio applications along with cones, horns, coaxials, and a planar wave device.

BMS precision drivers are used in professional speakers, cinema sound systems, stage monitors, recording studio monitors, home theater, high end audiophile speakers, and test systems. BMS designs and manufactures OEM compression drivers for many well known, highly respected pro audio speaker manufacturers throughout the world.

Chances are you have already heard BMS drivers. Why do they sound better? BMS has developed and patented a unique, domeless diaphragm with less mass than a traditional diaphragm, remarkably reducing diaphragm excursion and inertia. It has exceptional dynamic range and produces even the most complex musical signals with depth and definition.

BMS drivers require much less energy than conventional diaphragms, allowing a much higher SPL, less dynamic compression, an increase in transient response, and lower harmonic distortion than traditional designs. With reduced excursion and excellent transient response, BMS drivers react extremely quickly to peak level signals and have high crest factors. The result is an increase in dynamic headroom and precise definition.

Because of the increased sensitivity and lower distortion, much lower crossover points can be used. With more of the frequency spectrum coming from a single point, the quality of sound is more focused and less smeared.

The BMS neodymium drivers offer a more defined sound than the ceramic drivers. This is a function of higher flux density and less flux variation. We can drop ship large quantities anywhere using international airports. We are dedicated to bringing BMS to the masses. The diaphragms are small and are made with polyester, not special expensive metals. By improving some basic flaws in driver design, instead of trying to make a better full diaphragm dome, BMS improves the performance and reduces the cost of manufacturing.

The neodymium drivers cost more and offer a more defined sound than the ceramic magnets. Not only do we have great purchasing power with the manufacturer, we also do our own customs clearance and handling which saves our customers a good deal of money.

BMS has become a pioneer in manufacturing techniques in order to get the quality of diaphragm they and their customers want. Recently BMS licensed the patent to a major US speaker company that has been manufacturing drivers for decades in an effort to save money on shipping and import duty. Try as they might, this company could not replicate the BMS diaphragm. Now they manufacture the magnet assembly and import the diaphragms from the BMS factory in Germany. If you need the cheapest driver possible, buy a knock off from the east.

If you want a great sounding driver at the best value, BMS is for you. Sadly, too many products in the audio industry are sold by hype and name recognition.

BMS is a product that actually delivers as it is described. Our mission is to also bring what we feel are the best drivers in the world to the small, independent user.


BMS 12N630 - 8 Ohm



LEAN AUDIO No.1 for PA Loudspeakers, Guitar Speakers, Bass Guitar Speakers & HI FI speakers



BMS 12N630 PDF


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