Their work focused mainly on patients with cerebral palsy and stroke. The main problems of these patient groups resulted in a loss of the normal postural reflex mechanism and normal movements. Since then, it has evolved to incorporate new information on neuroplasticity , motor learning and motor control. Patients undergoing this treatment typically learn how to control postures and movements and then progress to more difficult ones. Therapists analyze postures and movements and look for any abnormalities that may be present when asked to perform them.

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NDT-Bobath method in normalization of muscle tone in post-stroke patients.

Dagrel The appropriate provision of facilitation during the motor task is regulated in time, modality, intensity and withdrawal, all of which affects the outcome of motor learning. Activities assigned by a Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist to an individual who has suffered from a stroke are selected based on functional relevance and are varied in terms of difficulty and the environment in which they are performed. The main problems of these patient groups resulted in a loss of the normal postural reflex mechanism and normal movements. Bobath concept — Wikipedia Clinical applications to be assessed are upper limb function, sitting up over the side of bed, balanced sitting, standing up and down and balanced standing. Warning signs of stroke can be numbness, sudden severe head ache, weakness or paralysis of face, arm and leg especially on one side of the tecgnique [ 2 ].


Interventions for Neuromuscular Reeducation

Search Menu Abstract Background and Purpose. This case report describes the use of gait re-education based on the Bobath concept to measure the changes that occurred in the gait of 2 patients with hemiplegia who were undergoing outpatient physical therapy. Case Description. She attended 30 therapy sessions over a week period. She attended 28 therapy sessions over a week period.

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