The ligation instruments are used for sealing arteries, veins and vascularised tissue structures for open application in the fields of gynaecology, urology, general surgery and other surgical disciplines while using RF electrical current and mechanical pressure. Surgical smoke is pumped through the vacuum tube into the filter of the SHE SHA surgical smoke evacuator where it is processed through a series of filter layers. SHE SHA uses a single disposable filter, which makes removal and installation easier when changing filters. The filter is fully contained to protect staff from any contamination during filter changes. Intended use: The quiet and powerful BOWA smoke evacuation system is used to extract smoke, aerosols and hazardous gases that may be produced during laser and electrosurgical procedures. The sterile single-use hoses are supplied ready to use and can be connected universally to smoke evacuation systems.

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Goltill The benefit of this is that the touchpad technology eliminates joints and grooves, thereby ensuring fast, hygienic cleaning in the OR. Argon plasma coagulation probe for endoscopy BOWA. Toggle panel Social icons. Smart — and hygienic — display The ARC display is made of flat, wipe-resistant, shatter- and scratch-proof safety glass. Effects, favorites, and individualised settings can be easily and clearly selected.

Arrc you adjust the desired effect to your individual requirements, the preview changes. Touchpad technology allows enhanced intuition in the OR With the ARC you have fingertip control of all device functions via the interactive touchpad, using clearly designed symbols. Passion is nothing — without the right technology Excellent results depend on the right technology.

The Ethica Award, the highest honour of the European cardiovascular A logically-constructed user interface The large, high-definition display is divided into four quadrants that correspond to the four sockets on the sides: Medicusa Vienna-based digital health company, is proud to announce Take advantage of enhanced clinical effectiveness for quick contact-free coagulation with maximum perforation safety and easy administration.

More than an interface: Medicus announces diagnostic-data mobility initiative Medicusa Vienna-based digital health company, is proud to announce Reliable argon coagulation can be achieved even within an extremely low power range starting at 5 W, providing a safety margin necessary for applications with high perforation hazards.

These clear graphic symbols have a preview mode. Ascom appoints Ljubisav Matejevic to lead the Strategic Alliances business. BOWA ARC The interactive fingertip operation of the touchscreen and clear relationship between the controller and instrument give users a complete overview — in every situation. When adjustments are made to the display, the corresponding instrument socket flashes, offering just the right support in the darkened environment in the OR.

Menu depth is generally limited to only two levels, because you want to be working, not searching. Electrosurgical unit electrode BOWA. Sectra enters South Korean market by signing digital pathology distribution agreement with HuminTec.

The argon beam produced with ARC Plus can be administered and used for contact-free haemostasis. A confirmation has been sent to you, please click the link to verify your email address and activate your subscription. Ascom invests further into its strategic partners business by appointing More arrc from this supplier.

Intuitive handling Attain real performance by working intuitively. Related Posts.






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