Kajibar No longer a member. We can ship to any part of the world. Some good news though my friend has just texted me to say he has the vauxhall astra wiper motor in hand but hes not back off holiday till friday. Im going to hand draw the circuit with the in correct pin positions and hopefully work out how to solder it all together — its going to be fun i think. Specialize in obsolete transistors and hard-to-find parts at cheap price.

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Vimuro Your order will be shipped out same day after your payment is received. Thnx 4 the link 4 those nice programs teep Im going to go with the BUX transistor it exceeds all three requirements and i have a spare for when i toast it with the soldering iron, i did buy a heatsink tweezer thingamebob to try and give myself some extra help. Should i test anything else? I say my unit because ther is always a possibility i messed resistor values or caps values up along the way.

Board size is 15 strips by 23 holes. The one below BD it will also work — BD???? Yes I could of maid the board much smaller but I wanted to limit the amount of strip board preparation. Some good news though my friend has just texted me to say he has the vauxhall astra wiper motor in hand but hes not back off holiday till friday.

You may use the tracking number to check the status of your order online. If this happens then you are all set if not then we have some work to do. Teep would it be possiable for you to advise me as to the program you are using for your drawings and testing? Linear schematics are perhaps not the easiest way to solder a board i should have worked harder on my set out first but i struggled if anyone can offer advice on this it would be appreciated I still need to figure out how to test this without the motor im goind to bell out the continuity where i can and double check the resistors.

See diagram red X needs to be cut. Processing Time We promise to ship out same day on receiving your order. Just Add to cart,proceed to checkout and place your order,we will do the rest for you. I wont have acheived any more tonight as ive only just got home, so im going to steal a bulb from the wifes glovebox sidelight and stick it on the bench at lunchtime tomorrow. Im happy that it looks like it works but doubtful that the output of my unit will control the motor effectively.

I was thinking i would get a heatsink fan to blow through the box where would you suggest i pick up my feeds i was thinking the on off switch. Please stay safe i was using a chisel to pry magnet rings out of an old vcr bearing ready for the up and coming new bedini rotor if i ever get to wind a coil lol not what a good sharp wood chisel is best for — the irony was the first thing i picked up to stem the bleeding was the leather gloves i should have had on — idjut huh Reply author: I am also hoping the size difference will get me a balanced coil like vespers.

Also get a product called solder braid, it is used to remove solder from parts for clean up or removal. Print Page Close Window. Thats it for now hope someone can help i wont plug my soldering iron in for a while yet i suspect, stll got to look up pin out and work out how to join them all together on this pin hole board so if anyone has an actual circuit to solder to diagram id be made up.

Also anyone know of any other little projects which would be good learning tool regarding soldering on perf board as i have a couple of televisions worth of components and quite a bit of perf board left. No longer a member. That sounds like a plan. Put 12 volts to it and turn the pot, you should see the bulb dim and brighten. Get an LED or even a light bulb from a car like a tail light bulb, wire it up to the motor side of the circuit.

Anyway hope it helps. First off, all the PNP versions, put them away for another day. Had an hour on my hands so thought I would set out a strip board of a motor speed controller for vesperhbt coil winding project. For some reason he also asked if i could ring him before going into the test area so he had time to hide the scissors lol.

I think ive got the rest of the connections ok. Well that is hard to say because I am not sure of the size of the units you are referring to. I was thinking i would get a heatsink fan to blow through the box where would you suggest i pick up my feeds i was thinking the on off switch Reply author: If you go all the way to the nearest bhx for components buy more solder ive run out with only ratasheet connections to make doh!

Do you think these will have enough wire to strip off onto a bifiliar without having soldered joints? BUX37 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search And next remember im a beginner to components other than daftmans bedini my fatasheet are really small dqtasheet i bought the wrong ones i mean i looked at vespers board and he had nice big ones capacitor envy heh what next lol.

Ill post another pic when datasheef together. No cameras allowed in work or id have stuck a little video ubx. The Energy Experimenting People. Covers your purchase price and original shipping.

Soooo im goin to give the daftman veroboard a try Progress so far As you can see just got to source the correct caps none in my ebay cap collection doh but it was only 4. So feel free to flame, insult, ignore this as you see fit. Ive got myself a supply of mors relays which get binned after burning their contacts so im hoping to recycle the coils So far the wire on the coils has come in three sizes v,24v and v latching but im hoping to get a few more as they come out of the testing rigs.

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