Gauge Cluster Alert indicators The fifteen alert indicators used on the D are: 1. Reversible fan 2. Water separator 3. Fuel filters plugging 4.

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Servicability Unit injectors can be serviced individually, without the need to service the whole fuel system. The cooling module is located at the rear of the loader, away from dust and debris stirred up by the bucket while the machine is working. The radiator has 6. Cat C6. The C6. These have been refined to control the combustion process to a higher degree than ever before possible. Electronic control. It uses sensors throughout the engine to regulate fuel delivery and all other engine systems that require input to manage load and performance.

Fuel System Through multiple injection fuel delivery, fuel is introduced in the combustion chamber in a number of precisely controlled microbursts. Injecting fuel in this way allows for precise shaping of the combustion cycle. This process provides precise control over a range of combustion variables, which can be regulated to produce higher performance with fewer emissions.

Fuel is delivered at high pressure to each combustion chamber through a Caterpillar designed injector linked to a Common Rail fuel system. Air Management Air management is a key concept in optimizing engine performance and controlling emissions.

Engines must breathe clean cool air in order to perform. To aid this, the C6. A new cross-flow design in the cylinder head facilitates air movement, while tighter tolerances between the piston and cylinder liner reduce blow-by gases. Fuel pump The C6. The triple fuel filters, water separator design, provides protection to the injection system against low-quality or contaminated fuel. The engine rpm can be seen on the digital display of the instrument cluster in the gage cluster or in the performance menu in Messenger.

Air-to-Air After cooler ATAAC The air-to-air after cooler is a single pass, aluminum, heat exchanger or cooling system for the pressurized air coming from the turbocharger, before it enters the engine intake manifold. The increased air density in the cylinders results in more power, improved combustion, and reduced exhaust emissions. Engine Installation The engine is installed using rubber mounts to reduce the transfer of engine vibration to the frame and cab, lowering operator vibration, sound levels, and fatigue.

Rear Engine Location Rear engine location allows excellent forward visibility, while serving as a working counterweight. It also helps reduce radiator plugging while providing easy service access to the engine and other major components.

Hydraulic on-demand fan The fan is a hydraulic demand type with optional reversible function, and operates normally in suction mode. The complete cooling package has been designed for a very easy maintenance with a complete accessibility to the cores for cleaning fan door swing out opening, latches.

The revolutionary Cat SystemOneTM Undercarriage provides maximum undercarriage life and reliability no matter the application, environment or underfoot conditions. Built to last longer and require less maintenance it ensures a dramatic drop in operating costs. Track Roller Frames The track roller frames are a welded, box section design, which provides strength and resistance to bending without adding extra weight.

The track roller frames are pinned at the rear to the loader main frame with pivot shafts, which allow the front of the track roller frames to swing or oscillate about the pivot shafts at the rear. Guiding System Better, more rigid guiding. The guiding system contacts link rails instead of pin ends and helps keep the track within the roller system. Carrier Rollers The D has seven track rollers, which spread machine weight over a large area and two upper carrier rollers on each side mounts to the machine mainframe.

The rollers and carrier rollers have been redesigned to run with the system. This will lead directly to better guiding. All rollers in this new system are single flange rollers with increased flange diameter. The increased flange diameters increase guiding capability. Idlers Idlers provide superior structural support and rebuild capabilities. Special heat treatment of the idler rim ensures proper hardness levels, which provides wear resistance.

Cartridge Joints Factory-sealed cartridge joints are welded to control end play. They offer improved seal integrity through an innovative new sealing system and do not depend on the link interface to remain sealed.

As with all new Cat undercarriage products, they are filled with special oils. Several track shoe types tailor your machine for work in all underfoot conditions. The SystemOne links have a straight rather than offset bolt hole pattern.

Double grouser standard or narrow track shoes are available. The standard shoe can be fitted with center hole to reduce material packing. Long-life Sprockets The rotating bushing design of the SystemOne track greatly reduces wear on the sprocket teeth, allowing the sprockets to be used over the lives of multiple undercarriages.

Oscillating track roller frames keep more of the track on the ground when operating on uneven terrain, which increases machine stability, felt by the operator, allowing faster machine operation, increased machine productivity and reduced operator fatigue.

Track Adjuster The track adjuster and mechanical recoil system uses a large recoil spring and grease filled adjustment cylinder, which allows the idler to move forward and back to maintain proper track tension as it absorbs undercarriage shock loads. Equalizer Bar The equalizer bar is pinned in its center to the machine mainframe and at the ends to each track roller frame. This allows the forward ends of the track roller frames to oscillate, or move vertically, to keep more track on the ground in uneven underfoot conditions.

The equalizer bar also provides a more stable work platform for the operator, who will be comfortable working at faster speeds for increased productivity. Operator Station Designed for operator comfort, convenience, and ease of operation throughout the workday. Messenger Messenger is a new electronic monitoring system with real-time, visual feedback on engine and machine operating conditions.

It provides information on diagnostic data, maintenance, and allows operating settings such as implement reactions. Hydrostatic Drive System Controls The system controls allow quick speed and directional changes from a single control lever for maximum maneuverability. The brake pedal supplements dynamic hydraulic braking provided by the hydrostatic drive system. Working lights Eight working lights are available on the D. Four 2 front and 2 rear are standard with four additional lights are optional.

Viewing Area Large windows use tinted glass to reduce glare and provide an excellent view to the bucket, tracks, and around the engine enclosure to the rear. Kickout settings Automatic kickouts are part of the electro-hydraulic controls; adjustable from inside the cab with a simple rocker switch.

Kickout stops are hydraulically cushioned for greater operator comfort and less material spillage. Armrests The right hand side console features an adjustable armrest, wrist rest and joystick mount. Total adjustability lets the operator customize the armrests to the most comfortable position. Heating and Air Conditioning Air conditioning is standard on D.

Both the air conditioning and the heater deliver filtered, pressurized, temperature-controlled air to the operator and windows through 10 louvered vents. Caterpillar Air-suspension Seat The Caterpillar air-suspension seat, with side-to-side isolator, is ergonomically designed and fully adjustable for maximum operator comfort and control. Retractable seat belt is 75 mm 3 in wide for positive, comfortable restraint. Seat mounted controls Seat mounted controls provide less vibration for the operator and a combined seat and controls adjustment.

Switching between travel and work mode takes effect immediately. Electro-hydraulic implements controls The new electro hydraulic implement controls on the D provide the operator with responsive, smooth and precise control of bucket and lift arms. Choice of joystick or two-lever control is available for bucket lift and dump. Dome Light A dome light is located in the cab headliner. Radio Installation Arrangement A standard feature in the cab is a Radio Installation Arrangement, which includes a volt to volt converter and speakers.

The D gauge cluster display The gauge cluster displays all vital functions and alerts the operator to the nature of any abnormalities. The D gauge cluster display includes: Four direct reading gauges.


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