Confident and sassy as ever, she took in my dressed state with carnal desire ignited in her eyes before she pierced my soul. You know I love romance and all these toe-curling gestures that you do for me. I do drive you crazy, you know. In case you forgot, Knightly.

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Shelves: kindle-read Thank goodness for the HEA or else i would have been pissed! And 4 stars is stretching it. Here are a few things and in no particular order I would rather wait to read a book with 5 star potential than have an author rush it out with numerous misspellings and poor syntax. This is an automatic star reduction in my eyes. Please have someone proof read thoroughly for spelling Thank goodness for the HEA or else i would have been pissed! Please have someone proof read thoroughly for spelling and grammar.

As much I loved the Chasing series, and thought this was a vast improvement from the last 2 books, it again left a lot to be desired as an avid reader in this genre. Sex no matter how hot and kinky does not make for an entire story especially for people who are supposed to be madly in love - soul mates.

This couple was always arguing. And Blake not understanding where the jealousy was coming from Jealousy is a given, considering they were barely together. And the things they did as friends - pastries and shopping days, etc.

Would have loved to have seen what happened when Blake confronted or fired Amelia. Show the support of the woman he loved after hearing what was said to Sienna. Was Sienna really trying to kill herself??? It was my perception and honestly the suicide attempt was a bit redundant considering Chad in book 2 What happened during the phone call with Kyle after Blake found her.

Very happy that Sienna planned the wedding as a surprise for Blake and that moved them into the HEA I was waiting for. The Epilogue was not enough. I have seen growth from book 1 to book 3. I think that Pamela Ann has a lot of potential and can see where she has taken some feedback into account. This one takes the whole cake for awful dialogues, Jesus Christ, did I roll my eyes with the absolutely horrendous, asinine, appalling and so very ridiculous things these characters uttered.

And I have no idea where this author is from but it felt like she just threw some british words into some of the conversations to make it sound like the characters were actually british



Zulkigami May 12, Ruth rated it it was amazing. Now back on her feet, chaskng they find who the culprit behind her accident, or will it find her first? Lucy gave up on me, you see. After the tumultuous ordeal Sienna had to chasing paradise pamela ann through to get Blake back, another hurdle surfaces, leaving her bruised and broken. Return to Book Page. I want you, Sienna. What would you do if you had two hot men fight over you?


Chasing Paradise




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