The changes can be triggered by either an internal or external event. With this capability, it is easy to simulate power line disturbances such as cycle dropouts, transient spikes, brownouts, etc. With up to sequences with different start-end conditions, the can perform almost any waveform possible by AC and DC components. It also allows users to synchronize external events as well as measurement devices with output changes. A current feedback control circuit makes the output voltage change with the load. This feature is suitable for IEC Flicker tests or other test conditions with specific output impedance requirements.

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For function, the series generates a very clean AC output with typical distortion less than 0. With the built-in power factor correction circuit PFC , the series yields higher efficiency and delivers more output power. The power factor of its input can reach above 0. Using advanced DSP technology, the series offers precision and high speed measurements such as RMS voltage, RMS current, true power, power factor, and current crest factor.

Units also provide an external analog input to amplify the analog signal from arbitrary signal generator. For high power applications, the series provides a Master-Slave parallel operation function, which enables the user to increase AC power output maximum 90kVA by connecting AC sources in parallel.

The LCD panel can also display voltage and current measurement waveforms via the Waveform Viewer function. The program will follow the slew rate used to reach the final setting when the output voltage or frequency is changed. This function helps users verify the operating range of input power. For example, users can sweep frequency from 47Hz to 63Hz; or sweep voltage gradually from 90V to V instead of only measuring in steps such as 90V, V, V, and V.

Additionally, in order to reduce the inrush current during motor startup or UUT power-up, users can decrease the slew rate setting to minimize peak current demands. Users can select these output modes easily through the front panel or by remote control. All models are able to provide full power output without derating even in single phase output configuration.

The master unit will keep Fixed Mode on and send a signal for synchronizing slave units. The series Softpanel is designed to offer users control of the AC source by applying user friendly graphical interfaces configured in instrument like settings.

It can also adjust settings like Loop and Count for repeated long-term testing. Another useful function is the Report Generator that automatically records user selected parameters, sampling rates and recording times.


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Low Power Programmable AC Source – 61600



Chroma 61600 de 0.5 à 18kVA


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