Page 5 2. Page 6: Quick Start Guide 1. Before using your Adaptiv product, please ensure that the Aux in option is selected on your OEM head unit. This allows the Adaptiv product to use the Aux In source for its wide range of multimedia inputs. There are two ways in which the Adaptiv product is activated, depending upon which type of OEM head unit is fitted in your vehicle.

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Flat Head Screw Driver 1. Disconnect Battery 10mm Socket 2. Remove 2 Interior trim pieces. Start with the left trim piece. Pry out with dull flat tool like a screw driver covered with tape Figure C 3. Remove Radio. Disconnect cables from the back of the radio. Figure D 4. Remove Center vent. Figure E I do this to run harness behind the vents. Remove Glove compartment. Figure F 6. Installing Harness. These are replaced by the connectors that come with Connects2 Wiring Harness.

Remove smaller connectors from main radio harness. Pull blue pin out. Figure H Pull Main radio harness into the center vent area.

Run Connects2 wiring into center vent. The Connects2 module end goes into the glove compartment area. The radio connector ends stay in the center Vent area. Figure I C. Pull Connects2 radio plug end into the radio area. Reconnect smaller connector to Connects2 Main radio plug. Figure J D. Connect Parrot CK and Connects2 module together. Figure K Place modules in empty compartments. Run Microphone wiring. Removing Pillar Trim pieces is optional. Some people choose to stuff the wire under the trim without removing it.

Remove Pillar Trim. Pry out finishing cover. When reinstalling, be sure to line up bolt holes. Run microphone wire with BMW wires. Figure M C. Secure microphone under the empty cover OEM Microphone location. Figure N Use one of the adhesive clips that comes with the Parrot Kit. Run the rest of the microphone wire into the glove compartment area and plug into Parrot module. Reconnect Battery and Test Bluetooth module before putting car back together. Follow Parrot Bluetooth instructions for pairing phone to Parrot Bluetooth.

Note: Parrot controller must be connected to pair. I left it in my glove box. Refer to the Connects2 instructions for steering wheel functions. Brief Notes on how it works: The first time you turn it on, you need to sync it up with your phone. Follow the directions provided by Parrot on syncing your phone to the CK Evo.

Each time you turn on your car, the CK Evo will pair with your phone. When you receive a call, the radio will mute and the radio will display "wait" or "phone". Dialing using this kit: If your phone supports Data Push, you can do voice dialing with the Parrot Kit. The data push involves programming the CK with "key words" and transferring your contacts.

You can use the voice controls as you would normally with the iPhone. Steering Wheel Control Functions by the Connects2 interface: 1. You just need to make sure you get the Parrot CK Evolution modules. Parrot CK will not work!!! The Connects2 adapter can only be found in the UK. It took about 7 days to receive from the UK to California. There are several UK stereo sites that sell the adapter. You can also find it on Ebay. Please note..


Connects2 Aerial Adapter - CT27AA136



Connects2 CTSBM011.2 Instruction Manual



Connects2 manuals


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