He attended Glenbard East High School before enrolling in the University of Illinois , where he received all three of his degrees. The total number of nonfatal gunshot woundings, whether medically treated or not, is unknown, and no meaningful estimates can be derived from his survey regarding defensive gun uses linked with specific crime types, or that involved wounding the offender, because the sample sizes are too small. The fact that some crime-specific estimates derived from the Kleck survey are implausibly large is at least partly a reflection of the small samples on which they are based - no more than cases. Kleck states that his estimate of total defensive gun uses was based on nearly 5, cases. Thus, he argues, the implausible character of some estimates of small subsets of defensive gun uses is not a valid criticism of whether estimates of the total number of defensive gun uses are implausible or too high.

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Study Guide Description An accessible Criminology book that presents multiple ideological points of view to provide a thorough understanding of criminology. This book emphasizes the sociological ways of assessing and explaining criminal behavior; the text also draws on scientific research and the theoretical perspectives of many other fields, including criminal justice, law, psychology, biology, social work, philosophy, history, and economics.

It is very useful to have the definitions inside the reading along with them also being along the side of each page. The study guides in the back of each chapter are also very helpful.

It helps me focus my attention on certain key words and makes it easier to go back and look something up. In addition I liked that this book was easy to read, and it flowed nicely. Also I liked the study guide feature. This feature is really helpful because you can study for a test using different methods, not just one. Tiffanie Burke University of South Alabama However, my current textbook does not have a running glossary down the margins and I really like this feature.

It helps students find what key words they need to focus in on. This format would help many and like I mentioned before, what makes your book good is that your focusing on one subject not many at a time. This gives the reader more depth in each subject as needed.

Anna Quesada I particularly enjoyed the Study Guide at the end of the chapters. Lori Wolf.


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