My cousin missed it by an hour, for which I give thanks every day. And my heart breaks for those who did not. During one of our P. So this book is for her, too. Many thanks, Cindy Hwang.

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My cousin missed it by an hour, for which I give thanks every day. And my heart breaks for those who did not. During one of our P. So this book is for her, too. Many thanks, Cindy Hwang. Undead and Wed: A Honeymoon Story No man will ever bring out of that office the reputation which carries him into it. I want a good marriage. I want progress, and I want problem solving which requires my best efforts and also your best efforts.

Prologue The king and queen are coming to New York. This is our territory! Two years old? The king! Coming here! Instead, he sighed soundlessly, without breath. And the thing he had made chortled and bounced and giggled, and he smiled at it, and hated it, but he loved it, too. Because he had made it, all those years ago when there were more horses in Manhattan than automobiles.

I just jumped, putting one hand on the railing and vaulting over, my black Gucci pumps dangling from my first two fingers. This was not a trick I could have pulled off while I was alive. At the head of the stairs, my husband husband! Cooper had worked for Jessica for ten years and, as they say, knew where all the bodies were buried. That was a nasty business a couple of springs back. My friends and I did absolutely nothing to disabuse them of their silly-ass notions.

But it all worked out in the end. I was wearing a sky blue shirt dress, no stockings. Oh, and my wedding ring! Not to mention my non-cursed engagement ring.

But that was a whole other story. Probably just as well. Sinclair got in on the other side and shook out his paper once again. He fished out his cell phone, flipped it open, and blinked at the screen. I sank back against the luxurious leather seats, halfway to full pout. Tina called again. And so do you. Now shut the fucking phone, toss the fucking paper, and bask in our mutual love and joy, dammit!

And the plane! You believe she let us have her plane? I licked my lips. And I am not a girl who kills lightly, as anyone who knows me will totally understand. But in this case, it was just a theory. And the theory was, because Jessica had so recently like, last week recovered from terminal cancer, she was giddily celebrating life.

In all modesty, I must say that I cured her cancer. Yay, me! Sinclair, bless his cold, dead heart, tossed the newspaper on the floor and moved over until he was sitting beside me.

He gave me a long, sweet kiss and cuddled me into his side. Oh, and then go see a Broadway show. And although those were pretty good, ergo Broadway would kick ass.



Betsy and Sinclair are finally married and on their honeymoon. Dec 02, Marie rated it it was amazing. It is a quick read, nice if you are looking for a quick break. It is really hard to wait for the next book in a series from you favorite author, but fortunately Ms. She can heelx from tail to legs. To view it, click here.


Dead Over Heels

Mar 18, Cyndi rated it really liked it Read Betsy and Sinclairs honeymoon tale. Pretty good. Read Cains Wyndham Werewolf tale, most excellent. I love the way she put paranormals about three different species in this book. It was laugh out loud funny.

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