Each of the children died before his or her 5th birthday, and doctors ascribed each death to natural causes. Diana Lumbrera knew better than that; she had been cursed by her former mother-in-law, she said. They say that Diana Lumbrera, 32, killed her offspring. She has been convicted of killing one 4-year-old son; she faces charges that she killed three daughters, a son and the daughter of a cousin; authorities are investigating the death of another son.

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AP — Friends and relatives say Diana Lumbrera cried and often fainted with grief when each of her six children died before their fifth birthday. No one who watched ever suspected her of murdering the children. As they were lowered into the ground one by one from to , the young mother was on her knees, weeping and begging for her children to come back. Elaborate headstones in the Bovina cemetery, where five of Mrs. For 14 years, authorities and child protection agencies never were suspicious as seven chiokldren, six of her own and the daughter of a cousin, died under Ms.

Doctors ruled the deaths natural. Lumbrera, 32, says the the children were killed by a damning curse. Today, Ms. Lumbrera, a former meatpacker, is a convicted murderer of her 4-year-old son.

A jury in Garden City, Kan. She was sentenced to life in prison. Lumbrera, who moved from Bovina to Garden City in , now faces murder charges in connection with the deaths of four of her other children and the daughter of a cousin. The death of another of her own children is under investigation. Johnny Actkinson, who will prosecute in an upcoming trial. I am not being crirtical. Antillon, a resident of Bovina. She said if you believe in the curanderos they will get to you.

Antillon said she believes Ms. Lumbrera is innocent. I never heard that she had gotten into an argument with someone else. And she loved her kids. He said he has trouble with the chilling possibility they were murdered by their mother. Now all the doors of question are open and the pain is rushing back in. But now I just want the truth. I want to know if she killed my babies.

He said he fears testifying about the deaths of his children. Virginia Bribiesca, Ms. Bribiesca said. Lumbrera, accusing authorities of racism and using her case for publicity. Flores said. No way. Several of Ms. Lumbrera was indicted on three counts of capital murder by a Parmer County grand jury in the death of 3-month-old Joanna Graza; the death of 3-year-old Melissa Garza and the death of Melinda Ann Garza. A trial of the charges is expected to begin next month. If convicted of capital murder.

Lumbrera would face life in prison or death by injection. Lumbrrera was indicted on one count of murder by a Lubbock County grand jury on Dec. She was indicted on one count of murder by a Bailey County grand jury on Sept. Police believe Jose Luz Valvonis, who was never married to Ms.

Gordon Green, who will represent Ms. Lumbrera in her upcoming trials in Parmer County, refused to allow her to be interviewed. Authorities say the death of Ms. Michael Quint, who defended Ms. Lumbrera in Garden City, said the jury in the Kansas trial was prejudiced by pre-trial publicity.

Green said he is still considering a motion to move the trial from Parmer County. Bribiesca fears the Kansas conviction will doom her sister in Texas. Bribiesca, who resides in Kansas. Not after this. Convicted of murder after less than an hour of deliberation, Diana was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum of fifteen years before the possibility parole.

June — Kansas, officially beginning to serve her time.


Garden City Police Department

Sentenced to life in prison in Kansas in Diana Lumbrera systematically suffocated 6 of her own children in Fort Worth, Texas. She would consistently rush each child already dead to the hospital, saying they had stopped breathing, and then blame medical staff for not resuscitating the child. The case prompted a nationwide concern for the problem of "crib death", but hospital officials eventually became suspicious, and she was tried and convicted, receiving three life sentences. She told authorities a former mother-in-law had put a curse on her so that all of her children would die young. But in , at age 33, she was convicted in Kansas for the suffocation death there of her 4-month-old son.



Diana was the only person who observed the various convulsive episodes, and—with the exception of Jose Lionel—all were beyond help when Diana sought medical care. But inat age 33, she was convicted in Kansas for the suffocation death there of her 4-month-old son. The cause of death: The death certificates gave them no reason to be suspicious. Prosecutors countered by noting that Eckert had never examined said organs, since they were removed during autopsy and never replaced in the corpse. Friends and family cite witchcraft. Their marriage was troubled almost from the start, but the quarreling Garzas made up frequently enough to produce three children in as many years.


Munchausen Mommies – Diana Lumbrera

Their marriage was troubled almost from the start, but the quarreling Garzas made up frequently enough to produce three children in as many years. Daughter Melissa was born in , Joanna in , and their first son, Jose Lionel, in Unfortunately, while Diana was adept at bearing children, she had no luck at keeping them alive. Joanna was the first to die, barely three months old when Diana brought her lifeless body to the community hospital in Bovina, Texas. Under the circumstances, no autopsy was required. Jose was two months old when Diana brought him into the Bovina emergency room, on February 10, The baby had suddenly gone into convulsions and stopped breathing, she told physicians, but he was still alive when they reached the hospital.

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