Description The most readable, most comprehensive book in its field, Clinical Gynecologic Oncology, 9th Edition is the leading reference for diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic cancers - a must-have reference for improving outcomes and providing effective care. Philip DiSaia and William Creasman, provides expert guidance on clinical presentations and management, now fully up to date with a brand-new design for faster, easier reference. Reviews "If one is in need of a good comprehensive textbook on gynecologic oncology, this book is, in my view, a very good choice. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, videos, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

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Philip J. Tewari, MD Phillip J. Upon the advice of his mentor in medical school, Dr. Quilligan, MD, creator of the fetal heart rate monitor.

During residency, Dr. DiSaia published the paper that first brought to light the teratogenic effects of warfarin on the human fetus. He next fulfilled his commitment to serve in the U. During this period he would form long-lasting bonds with his co-fellow, William T.

Creasman, MD. In Dr. Accompanied by Dr. Quilligan, Dr. Embedded in each Division was a highly sought after fellowship training program. At UC Irvine, his research endeavors have had as their focus the immunology of tumor biology, the safety of estrogen replacement therapy among breast and endometrial cancer survivors, and the development of less disfiguring surgical approaches for vulvar cancer. At the turn of the Millenium, Dr. He loved old medical tomes, the New England Patriots, and Italian wines.

DiSaia is survived by his loving wife, Patti DiSaia, and their four sons and wives, and numerous grandchildren. Remembrances of Dr. His leadership of GOG Foundation was exemplary in the manner he mentored many.

He will be missed but not forgotten. Ultimately the beneficiaries are the patients. Vision, leadership, mentorship, quality, research, friendship, family-all elements perfected. This is a great loss. He will be greatly missed by all. My condolences to his family. DiSaia was an important influence on my career, first through his amazing text book that he wrote with Dr. He will be missed. None of those leaders, in my opinion, have had greater influence than Phil DiSaia. On a personal note I owe my professional growth to Phil and I am most grateful to him.

I will surely miss him. DiSaia, Phil—was a role model and a friend. An inspiration and a trusted, honest advisor. His commitment to every aspect of gyn oncology was only superseded by his love of family. The breadth and magnitude of his contributions are incomparable. He will be greatly missed by many. Phil must be credited with making GYN Onc the success it is today!! Personally I have lost a life long best friend and colleague, a relationship that I have and will continue to cherish.

Phil has become an icon to those who have strived to emulate his academic, clincial, national and interantional leadership and mentorship but probably most important his friendship. Erble and I have on many occassions spent hours, days, weeks with Phil and Patti both at home and around the world. What a great relationship! Our prayers and thoughts continue for Patti and their sons. Bill and Erble.


Phil DiSaia



Clinical Gynecologic Oncology




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