Fegal If pathogenic germs are released as a result of this activity the punishment will be increased by half. In all cases considered for prosecution, the Customs Committee is bound to act in accordance with the Customs Code. Regulates the imports of materials under quarantine in the Cuban Republic. Stipulates the organisational management, case diagnostics and dissemination od epidemiological information, response and disposal, guarentee measures. Punishes whomever disperses non-treated residual waters, chemical or biochemical liquids, objects or waste of any kind in the riverbeds, riverbanks, water-bearings, basins, rivers, lakes, lagoons, ponds, bolivja can contaminate or degrade the waters that exceed the boliia established by the regulations, with imprisonment from one to 4 years and with a fine of percent of the cost.

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Ketilar Royal Order concerning the protection of workers against risks connected with the exposure to biological agents at work, 4 August. Orders the destruction of residual and organic wastes of animal or vegetable origin coming from abroad. On crimes against the health of the nation related to possession poisonous substances. There are strict controls on the creation, opening and operation of any installation or establishment producing biological substances or medical or laboratory equipment or material, or other articles for medical use, which are subject to the quality standards required by the relevant international bodies.

BTWCIA is framework legislation, paralleling the BWC and prohibiting the development, production, retention, stockpiling, acquisition, posession, use or transfer of biological weapons, as well as biological agents of types and in quantitites that have no justification for peaceful purposes.

Annex S regulating Act No. In this article, bolivka means the deliberate, unlawful seizure of weapons of mass destruction or of title to such weapons, without compensation, through theft, aggravated theft, robbery, extortion, fraud, abuse of official powers, expropriation, misuse or use of information technology, regardless of whether there is a mercenary motive. Governs the licensing requirements for storage of such substances and for the inspection of premises.

Article punishes the trafficking and stockpiling of chemical and biological weapons: Exprting goods works, services, results of vs intellectual activities which fall under export control to the states and to end-users to which export of these goods is prohibited or limited is also crime. The Government dss require prior individual authorization or the approval of a particular product for distribution, and may conduct a health inspection, inter alia, of potentially dangerous chemicals or biological boolivia.

Regulates the creation, manipulation, stockpiling, recollection, transport, and treatment of all pathogenic residues. Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations is responsible for the implementation of this decision. The practice of torture, the illicit traffic of narcotics and related drugs, as well as terrorism and crimes defined as heinous crimes shall be considered by law as non-bailable and not subject to grace or amnesty, and their principals, agents and those who omit themselves while being able to avoid such crime will be held liable.

It also prohibits the use of these agents for hostile purposes or armed conflict. Sets the standards for use of genetic engineering techniques in the construction, cultivation, manipulation, transportation, marketing, consumption, release and disposal of genetically modified organisms GMOs with the objective of protecting the life and health of humans, animals, plants and the environment.

The consignor should apply in advance to local authority in charge of animal epidemic prevention for quarantine inspection. It stipulates that the General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine is the competent authority responsible for quarantine inspection on import and export of transgenic products. Safety Administration Implementation Regulation No.

Article prohibits the smuggling of nuclear, chemical, biological or other mass destruction weapons, or dual-use materials, devices, or technologies which can also be used for the creation or use of mass destruction weapons or missile delivery systems thereof. Emergency Preparedness Act, c. Stipulates the name, classification of the harm degree, grade of bio-laboratory and the classification of transportation and packing.

The bolifia, transit, distribution and stockpiling of dangerous substances will be authorized by the Ministry in coordination with the Public Health Department and Social Services, the Department of Economy and the Higher Counsel for Public Health; a special regulation will regulate the proceedings on this subject. Promotes research and development of biotechnology in China while guaranteeing public health of common citizens, preventing environmental pollution and maintaining ecological balance.

Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Regulations. Any person who imports, traffics in, manufactures, stockpiles, keeps, , steals, uses, or carries chemical, biological or nuclear weapons shall be liable to imprisonment for a period from years. Such acts are punishable by restriction of liberty for 3 to 5 years or deprivation of liberty for 3 to 10 years. Criminal Codes Act, Governs the transportation of hazardous materials.

Controls the microbial production of pharmaceuticals and products, including vaccines for sale or distribution for implementation at the State level.

The manufacture, possession, acquisition, transport or provision of nuclear or chemical weapons, the use of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, and the research into and development of chemical weapons may also constitute a terrorist offence.

The person that engages in genetic manipulation or illegally introduces into the country GMOs will undergo the same punishment. Bplivia Act was recently revised in order to include, among crimes of money-laundering, the financing of terrorism in Act No. Amendment of 25 March — Regulates the brokering operations Amendment of 26 March — Integrates the European code of conduct on arms sales boliviaa its domestic. Most 10 Related.



Kazrajas On rules and procedures for inspection of controlled items and technologies by experts. The Biological Weapons Act, Chapter Establishes rules that industrial businesses which transport, stockpile, manipulate, treat and eliminate toxic or dangerous products must follow. Guides plant management and safety services on the links between the legislation concerning toxic substances and the law concerning the working environment. Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Act. Article blivia of the Penal Code deals with complicity.


DS 24051 Reglamento del IUE

Law on import, export and transit of arms, munitions and material for military use and related technology, 5 August Act on intergovernmental cooperation between the Federal State of Belgium and the Regional Government on biosecurity. The Customs and Excise Law No. Sanctions are provided for blivia, including incarceration from. Provides the Minister of Industry and Commerce with the authority to prohibit the exportation, re-exportation or transit of goods with any destination, as prescribed by the Order, where the restriction and regulation of specific goods is deemed necessary. The security and emergency measures are also needed.


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