The R-4 Family The R is a part of our series of audio field recorders. Compare Audio Field Recorders. Weighing in at just less than 3 lbs including batteries makes the R a perfect high quality recording solution for videographers, musicians, teachers, and sound designers to take anywhere. Pro quality four channels recordings to large capacity SDHC cards. The R is designed for professional use within a very conveniently sized package. Capture up to 4 channels of uncompressed audio with selectable bit depths bit or bit and sampling frequencies

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Easy to transport!! Lightweight 4-channel recorder!! With just one R, you can perform complete 4-channel Page 4 Situation Recording Acoustic Instruments Using the R allows you to realistically record a variety of instrumental performances. We introduce several recording tips here. For example, you can record near the instrument on-mic and far from the instrument to record echoes off -mic at the same time. Page 6 Instrument Recording Techniques This section describes where to place microphones for various instruments.

It is generally recommend to record from Page 8 Situation Recording Band Performances You can easily record band rehearsals using the R internal microphones.

Here, we describe several recording tips for using the internal microphones. Record Settings We recommend the following settings for making a CD when recording with the internal microphones. Page 10 Situation Recording Concerts The R keeps the realistic, live sound of concerts and performances. Here, we describe several tips on how to make more realistic recordings.

These examples use four DRC microphones. Page 12 Setting and Placing Microphones in Arenas or Concert Halls Because sound can change just by changing the microphone positions, microphone placement in arenas and concert halls is extremely important. The best placement can be hard to fi nd because the sound echoes diff erently for each arena or concert hall. To help with this, you can set auxiliary microphones by making use of the R 4-channel simultaneous recording feature.

Page 14 Situation Recording Outdoor Sounds You can record the sounds of nature, like bird, cat, dog and other animal noises, the sound of rain, or the babbling of a brook. Here, we describe several tips on how to record in the outdoors. With the ability to do 4-channel simultaneous recording, the R can make surround sound recordings. Using the R allows you to record sound for video at a higher quality.

Here, we describe several recording tips on how to record sound for video. If so, CDs are better than cassette tapes.

Once you learn how, making CDs is easy, so you should learn how to do it. It is important to choose the microphone best suited for the recording situation. Visit us online at www. This manual is also suitable for:.



Electrolytic capacitors provide stable, reliable power with an independent power source for the analog circuitry, and another power source for the digital circuit board, thus eliminating DC interference between components in the RHR. The I. The onboard electret condenser microphone elements are compact, ultra-sensitive, and placed to capture three-dimensional sound naturally and accurately. To further avoid possible noise interference from internal components, the microphone housing is separated from the main circuit board. Portability Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, the RHR has a new tactile feel that is easy to grip. It also has a user-friendly graphic display for easy operation.


Edirol R-44 Manuals & User Guides

Shatilar Page 59 Setting sound quality Effects settings 4: Choose these Two-channel recording to MONOx2 manhal if you are using a separate mic for the vo- two monaural files Choose these Two-channel recording to MONOx2 settings if you are using a separate microphone two monaural files If using the AC adaptor, you do not need to install batteries. Setup The Player Setup screen appears. Adjusts the amount of phase-shifted 0— sound that is to be mixed with the in- put. Likewise, you can move or copy files from your computer to the SD memory card.

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