La Luz Del Mundo Church. There is a strong interest in completing all investigations within the next seven 7 months. He has my heart. The mayor was pleased to hear that among the community there are teenagers who want to collaborate with her on projects for the city.

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Remember google voice is connected to your gmail so you can create an anonymous gmail for it as well. Our third attempt scheduled hearings are set in two days, on July It taught me lies, division and judgement. This is your final warning, Ogle. Did you even know you were even an ally? Bertolio, and his Federal law enforcement friends, will be holding secured interviews with a few former victims via telephone, or your nearest coffee shop. What the hell are you even going on about? And no, llvm freedom of alienti does not extend to literal social security numbers that you left inside of your document and then posted it online for everyone to see.

LLDM is a cult of personality. Our lines have been tapped ever since by a barber shop three doors down, along with spoliation of our entire office calendar. Sections of this page. People would describe how they felt when they were in his presence. Either fix your damn strategy or find somewhere else to post, because I do not appreciate your carelessness and lack of respect for people who have truly experienced being a victim of the church.

Bitching at each other on cult victim websites has not done a bit of good. I was taught that I not only had two parents, a mom and a dad, but that Samuel was also my Father. The brothers expressed the desire of the children and youth of the church to collaborate with the city in projects of beautification as we have been taught by an Apostle of Jesus Christ. But to those who mean us harm and plan to harass our community and defile our privacy all to defend that aiento pig excuse for a man Justice will be served.

He was my spiritual Father. If you are wanting to be interviewed, the investigator needs the following: December 29 at 4: Principles and Values, WeAreOne. I believed he had that kind of power. I think you reallllyyy wanna doxx me but obviously have nothing on me but fictional information.

I will be the tech support Apostle assistant. Berea Music Record Label. Violation of rule 2. Cops get away with it through immunity. Join the growing community now! The only other former mistress from LLDM you and I know is Sochil Martin — who gave me a complete release to post our previously confidential communications, and her recent texts to Naason. And who ever decides to do this will also be welcomed to a chat where there is a greater range of trust.

If you are an LLDM member and you reading this and you are feeling the most angry you have every ,ldm. I would gladly turn away and forgive and forget but this is getting out of control and it would me imprudent and stupid and evil to turn away and pretend like nothing is going on. Withabee, you take credit. This rl what LLDM taught me. Feel the anger and direct it towards the LLDM leadership who are knowingly spreading lies and deceit and extorting poor people of their resources so that the Joaquin family can go on expensive vacations, drive nice cars, open their own restaurants, fly on private jets, influence Mexican politicians, etc.

No one here wants LLDM apologetics. Thanks for being a footnote as I have been your victim you want censored, shunned, and shamed, and have done a pretty good job of it. Living a life after being banned to hell leaves cult victims with little reluctance to consider further consequences behavior while still alive.

It was where I first learned how feeling love was supposed to feel like. Related Posts


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