Means of Introduction: Intentionally stocked four times during Two of those stockings contained only one fish; a third one contained less than All stock was obtained from San Felipe, Mexico Walker et al. Status: The introduction failed to produce a viable population and the species is extirpated in the Salton Sea. Impact of Introduction: The impacts of this species are currently unknown, as no studies have been done to determine how it has affected ecosystems in the invaded range.

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Common and scientific names of fishes from the United States and Canada.


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Eucinostomus Species Description Eucinostomus argenteus is a member of the family Gerreidae. The Eucinostomus genus is distinguished from other members of the family Gerreidae by the interhaemal cone, an unusual cone-shaped structure formed from the first two anal pterygiophores that encloses the posterior end of the air bladder Matheson and McEachran The spotfin mojarra is a small to medium sized fish with a compressed body and protrusible mouth. The body depth is


Indian River Lagoon Species Inventory




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