Average Rating 4 ratings Fell Legions and Insidious Plots Through subtle plotting and brutal aggression, the forces of the Nine Hells seek to corrupt or dominate all who stand against them. These fiends, as ancient and terrible as any in the multiverse, forge armies out of the souls of the wicked and use them to enforce their iron rule. Can your adventurers stand against the might and tyranny of the Nine Hells? This book also provides detailed information on various devils, archdevils, and the layers of the Nine Hells.

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It describes origins of devils , the rise of the most powerful devil, Asmodeus , and the mystery of how he came to the Nine Hells of Baator in the first place. Chapter One: All About Devils[ edit ] This chapter describes the economy and society of the devils in hell, their relationship with demons, their origins, and their soul harvesting of mortals.

Chapter Three: Game Rules[ edit ] New Prestige classes[ edit ] Hellbreaker[ edit ] The Hellbreaker specializes in infiltrating the strongholds of devils and relieving them of their treasures. They develop a number of techniques useful for combating the forces of hell. Hellbreakers are always chaotic-good , chaotic-neutral , or chaotic-evil and often start out as rogues or ninjas.

Hellfire Warlock[ edit ] Hellfire warlocks belong to a secretive group of specialist warlocks who have mastered hellfire, a dangerous energy found only in hell. As warlocks begin this prestige class and advance in it, they attain greater options in the uses of hellfire. Hellreaver[ edit ] Hellreavers are warriors who are outraged by the actions of devils and their abilities to corrupt and seduce without consequence. They become tremendously effective combatants against devils. Hellreavers are always good-aligned and often start out in a combat-oriented class such as a barbarian , paladin , fighter , ranger , or even as a cleric or monk.

Soulguard[ edit ] Soulguards are openly opposed to the practices of the devils and are especially outraged by their foul bargains with mortals and their stealing of souls. They go to great lengths to protect those beset by the power of the Baatezu.

Soulguards are almost always paladins or clerics , but they can also be druids or favored souls. Soulguards always have the alignment of either Lawful-good or Lawful-neutral. Chapter Five: The Lords of the Nine[ edit ] The lords of the nine layers of Hell are listed and described in this chapter. Each layer has an archdevil that rules it.

Laws and Robert J. Schwalb , and was published in December Chris Perkins pinged me to work on Fiendish Codex I , but tragically I was swamped with a project for another company, and so I had to take a pass. I kicked myself. So, I cleared my decks for this one.

Devils have been among the coolest for me since I got my hands on the 1st edition Monster Manual.



Yozshurr Terms of Use — Privacy Statement. See all 23 reviews. Their bodies are corrupted twisted by evil, yet the gods cleanse their souls, freeing them of the taint and corruption that plagued them in life. Along with the very top guys, the sample encounters present hellish denizens of various challenge ratings.


Want to Read saving…. Fiendish Codex II Most of these are investiture spells. We took the chance to update some 3rd edition devils found in previous sourcebooks, such as the narzugon and spined devil spinagonbringing them in line fiendissh the 3. Soulguards always have the alignment of either Lawful-good or Lawful-neutral.



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