Downloading of Sales and Purchases Annexure Template from www. Preparation of Sales and Purchases Annexure 3. Manual Input in preview Return 4. Uploading of Annexures 5. Auto Preparation of Draft Return 6.

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These changes are expected to increase efficiency, minimize manual errors, and deliver time management benefits for both department and tax payers.

Due to major technical setbacks, the Department of Automation Software System had to postpone return filing dates. Now these technical problems seem to be sorted, and return filing under new system is now functional. To make up for the delay, a new calendar of due dates for returns filing has been created by the department. Revised due dates apply only for periodical returns pertaining to period from April to Sept.

The due dates for subsequent periodical returns stand unchanged, and are as provided under Rule 17 of MVAT. Though the plan for automation also includes other aspects of the payment process, such as registrations and appeals, this article will focus on returns and CST declaration forms.

However, this system had major problems: Unattended Mismatches There was no check for parity between annexures and returns, a problem that resulted in mismatches. Such mismatches may not be acted upon, unless the purchaser vigorously follows up with suppliers to file corrected annexures. When the department detects mismatches, set-off was denied to the purchaser until it was again allowed as per departmental audit or assessment. No real-time analysis Departmental action based on cross-verification of sales and purchase annexures was taken after the filing of Form audit reports for the relevant year.

Due to this, dealers received notices even after years. Moreover, old records are not available, resulting in penalties for dealers when documents were absent. Refunds under bank guarantee affected Mismatches primarily affect the dealers who claim quarterly refunds against bank guarantees, as a major portion of ITC becomes disallowed when the supplier of the dealer claiming a refund files quarterly or half -yearly returns.

This finally results in receiving less refund than actually claimed in Form Need to obtain revised mismatch report after revised returns Under the current system, even if a defaulting supplier admits and corrects his annexure, additional set-off credit is not made available to the purchaser automatically.

Each purchaser has to establish that credit by running another match report. Issue of declaration forms The department had launched an online application for CST forms.

When online corrections were not successful, the applicant had to respond by visiting and submitting details to the concerned officer. These details often included reconciliation of OMS purchases for previous periods on booking basis, as there was always a time lag between the invoice date and the actual booking date.

The service delivery time for this system has historically been very high. All this resulted in long delays in receipt of declaration forms, leading the supplier of the dealer to issue debit notes on the dealer in some cases.

This resulted in differential outflow, due to non-receipt of declaration forms in time. Also, annually-revised returns were not considered, while the issuance of declaration forms by the department led to unnecessary submissions of reconciliations. New Filing Process Uploading of annexures and auto-population of returns The dealer is required to give invoice details in the form of sales and purchase annexures. Returns will then be auto-populated based on the uploaded annexures. Dealers can download the "Return Form Bundle Template".

This template comprises the annexures of sales and purchases, as well as all VAT return forms. Dealers are required to fill invoice details in the sales and purchase annexures which have been integrated with the returns. A provision has been made to mention the transaction type of each invoice. Each local taxable, tax-free, exempt, or inter-state transaction type has been allocated specific transaction codes. Also, you need to mention the type of return form which a particular invoice belongs to.

On the basis of the transaction codes and the return form mentioned by the dealers in the annexures, the forms will be auto-populated. Dealers will be able to see the auto-populated Excel template of the return. Once this filled-in template is validated, a.

Once this is done, a program will calculate ITC and carry out other necessary validations. Subsequently, dealers will be able to see the return draft in PDF format. The dealers can take a printout of this PDF return and either file or modify the contents of the return. This digit TIN No. Taxable Value or Value of Composition in the case of works contracts.

Tax amount if separately mentioned in the invoice Value if inclusive of tax The value of sales under composition schemes other than works contracts Tax-Free Sales.


Electronic Forms

Vuzil You can view this report ledger wise, commodity wise, or voucher wise using the button options L: It may happen in case of last return, where the dealer is closing the business or discontinued the purchases from mega unit. Net Tax amount Tax included in sales shown in a above less Tax included in b above whether recovered separately or included in sale price. Select any of the rows displayed in italics, under Local Sales or Interstate Sales. Location of Sales Tax office having jurisdiction over place of business. The assessable value and tax amount for gross value, rejections and adjustments are displayed by enabling this option. Excess credit brought forward from previous return.


Exporting e-VAT Form 231 (Maharashtra)

Prepare file for uploading. For such exceptional scenario, it is advised that the dealer should revise its previous period return and carry forward the set-off and claim it in next period. In case of dealers filing multiple returns Form and Form for any place or constituents of business, then Tax liability as per Formto be adjusted against the Excess Credit if any as per Form Excess credit brought forward from previous return. At present, the system does not allow uploading revised return in F in such cases and matters are kept open for want of proper linkage availability from the Department. Net and column F i. Sales under transaction type can be shown on aggregate basis. How credit of payment made will be reflected in the return?



Excess brought forward should be equal to the excess carried forward in the previous return. Displays the balance CST payable for the period. To display the report 1. However, the paste special option needs to be used. Sales and purchase annexures are replaced with annexures J1 and J2. What system is provided for in back office to analyze the purchases which are hit by these sub rules and cases fotm reversal should not be done?


VAT Maharashtra Form 231 in Fillable PDF

Meztirisar Second entry for claim of deduction of sub-contract for Rs. Practically dealers submit challan with cheque to his banker and banker makes online payment. This will create twice reporting, one as branch transfer and second as Other state sales. To view all the purchase transactions 1.

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