Written by imoney Francisco Colayco has been helping Filipinos manage their money and build wealth since the early s. Throughout his career, Colayco has helped OFWs and others grow their money and achieve their financial goals through Colayco Financial Education. In this interview, we spoke to Colayco about how Filipinos can build wealth from the ground up. Know Where You Are. Your only source of income is your salary and commissions. Build-up phase 35 —

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Posted on October 26, by admin My new book sequel to the books I have written is available in National Bookstore and other bookstores and even directly from us at www.

The title of the new book comes from the previous books. It will make you believe that, if you had listened then, you would be in a better personal financial condition today. I hope you were one of those who did listen.

If you did not, it is still not too late. Get the book, read and analyze and convince yourself that you can do something. So many people have succeeded with very little required savings. What you need is a lot of Discipline and Determination. You can do it. You can do it NOW! I share with you now the various sharing of people regarding the books.

Hans B. By starting and encouraging employees to save and invest, we are in fact contributing to the financial wellness of our work teams which should hopefully be passed on to their immediate environs and communities.

Ignacio B. The key to building wealth — time, patience and good decision making. More than ever Filipinos need to be wise with their money not just in choosing what to buy or how to spend their hard earned cash but in how to grow it. Easy to read and completely understandable, this book will help Filipinos explore the possibilities open, available and affordable to the ordinary income earning Filipino.

Asides from the books, I also watched Mr. Colayco in YouTube and read the articles in the web. He changed my life. I learned how to save money.

I also share what I have learned to my kids, friends, my siblings and to the people I meet so they would know the right way to save money and attain financial freedom. Thank you so much Mr. It brought a realization of how badly I manage my earnings, but it also opened the opportunity to start NOW. Start saving and investing.

It inspired me a lot. It guides me and enlightens me at my tender age. More power and good luck. I am currently looking for a career while at the same time studying for my board exam this November. I have read your two books, Money and Wealth and it really inspired me to value money and learn how to invest. Thank you for writing those books and I hope that more fresh graduates like me or young professionals will read them and be inspired.

But all in all the content was good and it even have matching examples. For now I will try to apply what I have read from your book. This is important especially for a woman like me. This book is really a blessing. Natutoakokungpaanoiingatan at mapapalagoang finances ngakingpamilya. Anthony Pinaglabanan, Iowa said: Mr. Colayco was the one who influenced me in financial literacy 6 years ago, got some investments now and its working beating inflation and not still focusing to make it happen.

My next project is to create passive income as I want to retire early to enjoy time with my family. RazmonZamboanga, said: Thank you for making not only our peramalagobut especially our mind. It was worth the trip from the province to buy your books.

I travelled hundreds of kilometers and it had opened a million miles of opportunity and realizations. The PeraPalaguin Books made me realize that poverty can be caused by ignorance in managing your finances and not necessarily the inadequacy of financial resources. SimpeRogie Magana-Co said: You educate people on how to be financially literate by using simple language and practical examples.

You continue to share valuable knowledge and personal experience in money management. I just realized how important is proper investment and savings. This time I will set aside and keep my savings. I hope these statements will help encourage you to read and study my books, if not for yourself, for your family members who have so much to gain by having a good basic education in their personal finance management.

Check out www.

AGMA 923-B05 PDF

Wealth Within Your Reach: Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo!



Building Wealth: A Step-By-Step Guide




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