GForge Config File 3. Warning You have to apply database schema changes and to run migration scripts in the right order. For newer versions of Apache 2. Summary Give a short description of the bug, e. Table of Contents 1.

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Tired of negotiating down their high price tags and still be left with the cost of keeping them integrated? Getting started is as easy as hosting with us or downloading GForge today. GForge provides you with more lead time in realizing when key deadlines are in jeopardy and it ensures the work your teams are focused on aligns with your strategic priorities. GForge lets you choose which features your project needs now and as your project evolves you can enable additional features.

GForge keeps all versions of project documents like project plans, meeting minutes, etc. Knowledge Management For more organic documentation that changes a lot use our wiki. Tickets GForge Trackers allow you to plan, distribute and track work. Collaborate Chat is the communication hub where the team can collaborate and all project activity is streamed. Milestones Plan and track important project milestones or software releases. Sprints Sprints allow you to further breakdown and tracker major milestones or releases.

Source Code Browse and drill-down into your source code. Code Reviews GForge allows you to perform code reviews from right inside of a ticket or using a more traditional merge-request process.

Promotion Model Not sure which environment a ticket has been deployed to? We can help you discover the right solution for your team.


Downloads for Minecraft Forge - MC 1.12.2

You should insert your password here. Browse Project Join Requests 1. Pending News Bytes This section lists the News that needs to be approved by the user. The Project Administrator function is accessible only to the Project Administrators. Click on the Admin tab for your Project. Click the Navigation folder in which the document resides. File upload You can also upload a file as an attachment to the bug.



Darn The email address should be correct, GForge will send you a confirmation email for your subscription. You can pick up one of the open tasks and start working on it. Click Transition Rules to add workflow rules to the field. Enter the Add New Configuration button. Edit the Folder name. You should use instead a combination manuql letters and numbers.

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