Product Description Three all-new novellas of erotic disobedience. Customer Book Reviews So Good! Arresting Desire by Shayla Black Rating-5 Stars Jon has been wanting Lucia ever since he met her two years ago, but he was working undercover at the time and she was too young and inexperienced. So Jon left without ever touching her. Lucia always wanted her first time to be with Jon, but when she all but threw herself at him and he denied her she got the message.

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A nice set of novellas. Sometimes these anthology books come up a bit lacking but this was a pretty good bunch of stories. I think you can probably read them without having read the other books, though. Now he must face her A nice set of novellas. Enter Deputy Jared Cameron. The two instantly set each other on fire. And all the while, both are realizing that their sexy affair is more than just some hot sex. Review: "Arresting Desire" by Shayla Black For the first chunk of this story I kept feeling like I knew these characters and was familiar with the situation.

It definitely could have used some more page space for more development. Things move really fast and the book only covers like 2 days time. It did leave things feeling a little rushed. But overall it was a decent story and I liked it enough. Rating: 3. The suspense element was surprisingly nicely done trying to have a well-done suspense plot in a novella is difficult. It was engaging, pretty well detailed, suspenseful It kept me hooked into the story. And the characters and the romance were nicely done as well.

I was interested in these two and seeing what would happen with them. Which is a good thing ; The only minor glitch in the novella for me was just that I thought the author was a little too liberal with the adjectives sometimes.

Made things a bit But a good story overall. The story is more focused on the plot than the heat between these two. I think the romance was a bit dependent on their past instead of what happened to them in the present, in this novella.

Still, it was a pretty good story and I liked it, just thought it could have been better.


Hot in Handcuffs



Hot in Handcuffs: Three Novellas of Sensual Capture


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