The purpose of this post is to inform on three things: A A lot of people have been asking me when the book is going to be available on Kindle. Click on the cover below and it will take you to the Kindle version. There is much original material and, as opposed to the prior book, it is not a collection of my favorite blog posts. Also, why do I self-publish? I strongly encourage people to self-publish rather than use a traditional publisher who will only hurt and exploit you.

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Otherwise its a mess and I always forget people. So, Claudia Azula Altucher helped edit almost every draft of the book and provided invaluable suggestions, wrote passages, and really helped me question my motives and inspiration on every sentence and chapter. She always keeps me real. Alexander Becker put the book together: editing, formatting, cover, was proactive on suggestions to improve the content and did an excellent job.

Im really grateful for his help on this and he was a good, quick teacher explaining everything he was doing in realtime. Dan Kelly was always good, as usual, to bounce ideas off of and kept good track of our investments while I was off playing. My two kids, Josie and Mollie, annoyed the hell out of me while I was trying to get this book done. I know Josie is only 12 and Mollie is 9 but cant you guys drive yourselves yet to pick up your own apple turnovers?

Why do I have to do that? That said, I would never have learned hula hooping without the two of you and Iwould have never learned what the beginnings of true love was without having two truly loveable daughters.

I love you. About The Author James Altucher has failed at numerous businesses and careers and succeeded at a few of them. Has loved and lost and loved again. Has tried over and over to Has won success and lost it and occasionally wins it again.

Has been on a quest for the meaning of happiness since the age of six only because before that happiness was fairly easy and simple. Writes at the blog jamesaltucher. Tweets at jaltucher. I was born and raised Jewish. As part of that, we always learned through friends, school, family, etc. Similarly, the Christians had jokes about the Jews. We would whisper these jokes amongst ourselves but occasionally some would get out.

I remember one time at lunch we had all just about had it. It was time to fight. Jews versus Christians. At lunchtime we were all running around, pushing each other down to the ground, throwing dirt on each other and shoving each other. Nobody got really hurt. Finally one kid yelled, Wait! And we all sort of stopped and looked at him.

Wasnt Jesus Jewish? Someone else said, Yeah! The first kid said, How about we compromise for the Jews to just agree that Jesus was a great teacher and then we dont have to fight. And then after that we didnt fight. But why would six-year-olds care enough about something years old to fight about it? Its because from an early age on, were brainwashed about almost every single belief we hold dear.

Ive believed in so much that it has ruined me. For example: I believed that marriage would lead to a happy life. That going to a great college and graduate school would make me happy. That having a TV show would make me happy. The becoming a chess master would make me happy. That having a lot of sex would make me happy. The list goes on and on of the things I thought that would make me happy. Each of the above, and things more, made me so des11 I Was Blind But Now I See perately unhappy at different points and yet I still fought for them, fought to control what I couldnt have in a world where I became desperately needy for everything I couldnt have.

Happiness starts when we have the freedom to pursue whats inside ourselves instead of the myriad joys and pursuits and successes that are outside ourselves. How do we find out what happiness means so we can start to really pursue it? I describe The Daily Practice in my last book and also in this book. In this book I provide much more material on it. I provide modifications and more descriptions to make it flow more smoothly depending on how much time one has to commit to it and also to explain it even more deeply than I have done before.

This practice and the techniques used in this book have worked for me. I have been able to come back from the dead. To live with my fears, to conquer my anxieties most of the time every day is a process , and to continue striving for success and happiness. Note I didnt say I found success and happiness.

Its a process that continues every day. And tomorrow when I wake up again I have to apply these principles again. But every day I move closer to what? Thats it. Just closer. Why have I been writing the blog at jamesaltucher. I want to show what a fool Ive been: in business, in dating, in sex, in marriage, in fatherhood, in friendship. And not just once. Many times Ive ended up broke and lonely and lost. So lost Ive had to simply give up all hope of finding my way back or I wouldve gone completely insane.

Ive also been writing this blog with a tiny bit of sleight of hand. Money is an important step towards happiness because it buys our freedom. But when I write about creativity or how to eat what you kill, its not only because I want you and I to have a lot of money and we will as we follow those chapters but to have freedom, to break down the brainwashing that chains us, and ultimately to find 12 I Was Blind But Now I See some happiness.

Money doesnt bring happiness. But it allows us to spend more of our waking hours pursuing happiness once we have it. Its only a step towards happiness. Ive stated before but will state again, my only goal is happiness.

But first we have to figure out what happiness is? Because the brainwashing is so deep were convinced that going to Harvard, getting a home, voting, getting married, is what leads to happiness. It is not. We then think: getting more money, having more success, having fame, could lead to happiness.

It does not. We can still have all of these things. They certainly help get you the freedom to pursue happiness. But they are not the means.

Just part of the process we will learn how to accomplish here. So we have to build up our definition of what is happiness. Then avoid the obstacles to that happiness. And so, lets say then one achieves this elusive goal. The next step is to make sure it lasts more than a day. That it builds, that it enraptures us and helps us to enrapture and free the people around us. But first: We have to retrain ourselves from the outside in. And then from the inside out. What does that mean? It means take a look at the beliefs you hold dear.

For instance, a belief that is hard to analyze is that its important to have a college degree. Or its important to vote. Or it becomes important who we vote for. And what they stand for. Or that some wars are justified while others arent. Were taught from an early age whats important and whats not. When I say early age its from so far back we cant even remember. Your false training starts when you are swimming the breast stroke down the birth canal.

Looking in is a hard job, not for the faint of heart but rather for the warrior at heart. It takes courage. Were exposed to over 10, ad and brand impressions every day. Each one of these imprints further programs the brainwashing weve been subjected to.


I Was Blind But Now I See

Self help for a blogging generation. Jul 15, C. This book is a very long "rant" with no real support to stand on. The section on self-publishing a book is helpful. Despite what he says, he is a genius, with an IQ way above most people we interact with on a daily basis. He has both right and left sides of the brain developed.


i Was Blind but Now i See by James Altucher



Why "I Was Blind But Now I See" is My Best Book Ever (and now on Kindle)


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