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Haze measurement to ASTM E Reflectance haze measurement with compensation mode to provide consistent readings of metallics and speciality pigments Gloss meter features Fast measurement, single button push measures all parameters On-board statistics with graphical trend analysis and reporting. This angle also has a greater measurement spot which will average out differences in the gloss of textured or slightly uneven surfaces. Why measure Haze? Haze can be expressed as near specular reflection.

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Though robust in design, this instrument is precision-machined. Never drop it or knock it over Always clean the instrument after use. Clean the instrument using a soft dry cloth. Never clean the instrument by any mechanical means such as a wire brush or abrasive paper. This may cause permanent damage, just like the use of aggressive cleaning agent.

Do not use compressed air to clean the instrument. Always keep the instrument in its case when not in use. Annual calibration recommended. Avoid using it in over-high or over-low temperature environment Avoid humidity Display Features Data Logging - All TQC Glossmeters are equipped with an extensive memory of max measurements which can be organized in 8 different batches. The name of each batch can be programmed into the instrument in order to allow data retrieval at a later stage.

A full set of batteries has a Power is provided by two standard AA batteries. A choice of four different date formats is available. Languages - The instrument is designed for optimal user comfort. Use of a manual is hardly required due to the intuitive menu driven user interface To make life even easier the TQC glossmeter comes in a wide selection of languages.

Standard languages are English, German, French, Spanish and Italian but the number of languages will grow over time. Batches can be cleared one by one or the entire memory can be emptied in one action.

The instrument shows minimum and maximum values, average and standard deviation. Login Protection - To prevent unwanted change of settings by unauthorized users certain functions can be protected with a Login Code. The protection can be activated or de-activated by choice. This code is user programmable. Instrument set-up, limit changes, delete readings or clear memory are all protected by the selected code.

Depending on the type of TQC Glossmeter individual limits can be set for each measuring angle. Calibration - The protective holder has an integrated calibration standard for field calibration. Without any extra cost a user can utilize the software to create reports including graphs and tables, comprehensive statistics and SP-calculations. Trend, Gaus and many other statistical data sets are possible within the software.

Research The science behind the Glossmeter Glossmeter development starte with an understanding of the basic principle of gloss. Surface textures, translucency and color all influence the visual perception of a surface but also influence the fine optics of the glossmeter. Microscale surface deformations cause scattering of light and divide it into specular and non-specular.

This is the fine threshold where the TQC glossmeter is able to determine the gloss at the highest accuracy level. Sending and receiving To determine the best light source and detector setup components from suppliers all over the world have been tested.

Spectral sensitivity, stability and linearity all proved to be exceptionally stable using the TQC glossmeter. Standardization In order to guarantee the TQC glossmeter to be one of the most stable meters availalbe and fullfills all the demands of the ASTM, DIN and ISO standards, TQC joined all of the standardization bodies and are actively involved in testing criteria relating to the standards ensuring the highest test of conformity.

Carefully controlling the interior of the light patch helps to give the TQC glossmeter robust and stable structure. Ten thousands of readings To assess the quality of the TQC glossmeter we took thousands of readings on certified substrates to test stability, reliability and durability. With or without shock testing the TQC glossmeter proved to have the ultimate level of performance.

The measuring angle should always be mentioned in combination with a gloss value.


Brillómetros y medidores de DOI de ángulo triple Elcometer 408



JIS Z 8741 :1997 表面光泽度——测量方法



Novo-Gloss 20/60/85° Glossmeter with Haze to ASTM E430



Professional Gloss Meters


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