Bardor Tulku Rinpoche is one of the sponsors. The prayer festival will last for five days. Om Svasti. In the sky of pure and unwavering devotion, all of the compassionate ones immutably arise.

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Bardor Tulku Rinpoche is one of the sponsors. The prayer festival will last for five days. Om Svasti. In the sky of pure and unwavering devotion, all of the compassionate ones immutably arise. I pay homage to the incomparable guide, Rigpe Dorje, the lord of dharma who causes faith to increase in everyone. His three aspects are clothed in saffron robes and he possesses the glorious omniscience over all beings.

I pay homage and circumambulate the many Buddhist monks, the protectors of the power of the merciful Buddha Shakyamuni. The dharma lineage of the Mase tradition Zurmang Kagyu is like the unblemished calm and smooth flow of a river. The excellent objects of refuge continue to protect and guide sentient beings indiscriminately in order to dispel their suffering.

Having first offered these verses of homage, I greet the glorious seat of Zurmang Kagyu, Pal Tashi Zurmang Lhundrup Ling, which is hosting the great nonsectarian prayer festival. Moreover, wherever there abides beings who hold the teachings, may their well-being increase without exception and may their lotus feet remain stable along with the fulfillment of the enlightened activity of the excellent assembly of the protectors of the teachings and beings.

Also, in this world system may the age of illness, famine and war be pacified, and may it have the abundance and wealth of the heavens. May I and all and those who follow the dharma experience the supreme splendor of temporary and ultimate happiness. Especially, may the karmic obscurations be purified and advancement towards buddhahood increase for those who are members of the Chagbar and Dzila families, and the relatives of Bardor Tulku, as well as close relatives who have passed away and those with and without connections whether alive or deceased.

May those living and those home and abroad, monastics and students, and the common people be free of sickness, have long lives and accomplish their dharmic activities. May the activities of the protectors of the teachings at home and abroad have no obstacles and be accomplished. In Nepal that suddenly underwent calamity, and other affected regions, may those whose four elements were harmed and thus passed away experience no obstacles on their path towards buddhahood, and in their future lives may they progress forward.

May all those remaining pacify each obstacle in tum, and may they be granted an abundance of wealth that is sufficient to meet their aspirations perfectly. May this be known.


The Sun and Darkness

Therefore Buddhism could be regarded as this science, art, philosophy and religion devoted to heightening, clarifying, supporting and sustaining awareness. In the Kunzang Monlam the entire prayer outlines the way in which mind unfolds, from our mental habits come the projections that infect all our interactions with our own karmic habits, habitual mind states and beliefs about self. Likewise whenever presence of awareness is available then genuine and direct communication with our world is possible. Awareness itself becomes the basis for an intrinsic confidence, because we practice relating more and more directly with what is in front of us rather than being so caught up in our anxieties, interpretations and agendas. This natural confidence arises because the root of all fear is the disassociation from our natural goodness. Because we have lost touch with our authentic nature, we get stuck acting out a fictive self. In the face of the intensities of our life, that fictive self is inadequate, and we sense this.

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Prayer of Kuntuzangpo



Kunzang Monlam (Wish Granting Prayer of Samanthabhadra)


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