Please click on the following link to discover the rate to date: Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Charges are made for services rendered. You are charged only for the dolphin therapy package. Beneficio de la delfinoterapia. These will be re-instated by all German medical insurance companies. A chat with the Chef ensures that the food conforms to your wishes — gluten-free food for example.

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A graduate of I. Mechnikov Odesa National University. Scientific interests: psychological correction of children with developmental disorders, special psychology and pedagogy, art therapy, behavioral therapy. A dolphin therapist and dolphin trainer since Natalia Vasylevska was the first dolphin therapist at Nemo dolphinarium chain, developing, jointly with A.

Chuprikov, a methodology of dolphin therapy sessions. Un absolvent de K. Un absolvent al O. Profesor asociat la catedra de psihologie din M. Закрыть Kuzmina Maria Instructor terapie cu delfini Educatie inalta. Un absolvent al I. My daughter has Down syndrome, and she just completed the ninth dolphin therapy course in Odesa.

We came here the first time in , and the result after every course was a significant improvement. After sessions with dolphins, my child became more attentive and calm.

Emilia likes to communicate with dolphins very much, and they have developed a true friendship. I also would like to thank the therapists who worked with Emilia — the whole team of professionals who want to help every child.

My deepest gratitude to your center! Maria And the result was significant. A few more courses and they give us a certificate stating that the child is completely healthy.

We are very happy about this! Valentina Coroama My child is Alex Tudor and he is 6 years old. We are from Romania. We heard about this Сenter from other parents, who came there. They were very-very excited about the results and we decided to try it. We had 8 sessions and from the 4-th with little effort my son entering in swimming with dolphins. I will recommend dolphin therapy and also, I planned to come back in April, when I expect to see revolution in his behavior.

Dan Ioana I came there to have dolphin therapy, because my daughter has a delay in development. She is 2 years old. So, I want to help my little girl in a simple way, because dolphins are fun. And we have done 10 dolphin therapy sessions. She started to say some words, and I hope, many others will come! I definitely recommend dolphin therapy to all my friends and for all, who want to help their children in the beautiful way. Valentina Ceban We are from Moldova. We arrived to Odessa with paralytic Down syndrome.

We did the course of dolphin therapy in May and we had 10 lessons. Now we have arrived for the second time, also for 10 sessions. After the first course of dolphin therapy, exactly after the 5th lesson, the child started walking about steps and on the th day he was almost running!

We come back home very grateful: child, mom and I, like a grandmother. After dolphin therapy, my grandson stopped biting, became calmer and more obedient.

Dolphin therapy was opened for us only from the good side. Larisa Lastovina We always knew about the existence of dolphin therapy, but when the child was diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder and speech development delay, we decided to take a course with dolphins.

Now, we have already had 15 sessions. We are thankful to the team of specialists and therapists who provide dolphin therapy, they are doing a great cause!

Progress is already evident during the process of dolphin therapy sessions. I definitely recommend dolphin therapy. If there is such opportunity, you should obligatorily try it! Bobrovsky Dmitriy Dolphintherapy is a part of our treatment. After 10 dolphintherapy sessions the child has emotional outburst, Milana can express her emotion.

Milana loves her classes, therefore we see that our kid is opening up! This is a really big deal for us. Eva Gurinevich We received a lot of positive emotions and a sea of impressions.

The dolphins are marvelous, and the therapists instructors are wonderful. At the end of the course, our child showed positive dynamics. We will definitely come back here for another course of therapy. I would like to express my huge thanks to the Nemo Dolphinarium team!

Svetlana Pilnitskaya We have visited many rehabilitation centers for children, but no-one was able to establish contact with our child as quickly as they did here. Our child is overwhelmed with impressions, and we will definitely come back here again. We are also grateful to dolphins helping our children. Nonna Goncharova We are truly grateful for the job you do and for your love and warmth. We received a sea of happiness, and charged ourselves with positive energy.

These were 10 days of bliss. Your team is very good. Our child would happily run there every morning, and began to pronounce words. The team who worked with us were Oleksandr, Viktoria and Olena Volodymyrivna — our huge thanks to them!



En el caso de pacientes con trastornos graves del desarrollo, que normalmente implican que el paciente tiene todo tipo de dificultades para relacionarse de manera normal con otras personas, puede ser especialmente importante. Al sentirse apreciados incondicionalmente, tienden a progresar en aspectos como su inteligencia emocional y su control de impulsos. Los delfines son animales especialmente indicados para proporcionar estos dos tipos de apoyo. Dentro del agua, todas las sensaciones cambian. Algunos seguidores de la delfinoterapia han llegado a afirmar que los ultrasonidos producidos por los delfines pueden incluso llegar a modificar el ADN de los pacientes. Se trata de criaturas extremadamente inteligentes, con vidas sociales muy ricas y capacidades cerebrales cercanas a las de los humanos.


La delfinoterapia es mas curativa que cualquier capsula o inyección



¿Qué es la terapia con delfines o delfinoterapia?


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