Written by the sex therapist Dr. Sy Silverberg, it teaches practical techniques for developing better control during sex. Buy from Amazon Dr. Silverberg says that he originally wrote Lasting Longer in , updating it in after 30 years of professional practice as a sex therapist. Most of the other guides are written by guys who have personally experienced and overcome PE. They then use their knowledge and research to create their training course.

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Awesome sexual stamina with Dr. Sy Silverberg is a concise guide for treating premature ejaculation. Probably because background is very dull, lacking any color. I had to print it. About the Author: Well Dr. Sy Silverberg has 40 years of clinical experience in treating premature ejaculation. He is certified sex therapist from both US and Canada.

About the guide: In the first two chapters Dr. In the first page itself he declares what I think is a crucial piece of information for you: Given the proper information most men can resolve the problem themselves. Sy Silverberg M. The programs, informational guides are enough! Sy Silverberg devoted an entire chapter on the role anxiety play in ejaculation! Silverberg sets a real goal for readers! Both the partners have to be OK with the experience which not necessarily peak in orgasm.

After this very important piece of information he details exercises that you must do alone. From page 48 you can find step-by-step method to start your exercise routinues! Sy Silverberg. D Page Well Dr. Often I felt the generation gap. The book is a low-cost option. However you can find awesome high-quality products to delay PE and improve sex. Delaying ejaculation is not same as improving sex! The book was first published in - the second edition should have a CD or an audio version too!

But this book lacked what the other leading programs are offering for free. There is no money back guarantee also! In nutshell: Lasting Longer is a recommended low-cost book, use this non-sticky water based masturbation lube or fleshlight for the training.

Sy Silverberg! However if you are looking for high-quality leading comprehensive guides to delay ejaculation and improve your sex skills then click here..


"Can A Quick Guide Reveal Ways To Control Your Ejaculation?"

Stacy L. She says: He was before his time in his thinking and experience has proven him to be right. We have used Dr. His newer version is even easier to understand, has more directed exercises, and is even more positive and encouraging than his original version. We are very grateful for his assistance all these years. She is a well-recognized expert in the field of male sexual dysfunction and has been the Chair of the Canadian Male Sexual Health Council. Product DescriptionLasting Longer was written by Dr.


Lasting Longer Book Review


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