Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw: Rapace described Shaw, an archaeologist, as a believer in God with a very strong faith, and said that, "In the middle of the movie, things happen and she changes into more of a warrior. She met Scott in August , [11] and by January she had secured the role. It is designed to be indistinguishable from humans, and begins to develop "its own ego, insecurities, jealousy and envy". What do you think about these humans who are around you?

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You guys are the designated drivers RAY Why us? I want you guys to get prepped and ready to leave in an hour. On the wall next to each other are fourteen Sarcophagus type capsules on the wall. The group of nine climb into the capsules and press a button and see through lids close locking them into the capsules.

RAY presses and holds a button on his collar and speaks. DAY The group of nine now standing outside their capsules begin walking up the white corridors toward a door at the far end. Joshua you take Fifield INT. DAY The Cargo Bay door has now fully opened and has become a ramp for the three vehicles which are now driving over. The three vehicles are now driving over the finely flattened path and drive past our sight leaving behind the twirling dust trail. DAY This large structure is dome shaped and has very peculiar patterns and shapes.

The group of nine stand together at the bottom of this structure. DAY The group arrive at the large cave entrance. They then enter through the darkness. Each person who enters; their Chrysler suits wires and panels begin glowing in the dark. DAY All six of them have their flash lights scanning the walls, floor and ceiling. The cave is pure rock but on the wall to their right is a large metallic pipe.

The other five join him and they all look puzzled at the sheet of laser. The others stare at each other for a moment before walking through it. A glowing bulb appears on the ceiling and a red laser shoots from it and scans the crew members before disappearing. SHAW What was that? Suddenly the footage disappears. Come in over? DAY The entire surroundings an details of this room is invisible due to the darkness. Suddenly there is light from what appears to be a mechanical panel with strange buttons, markings and symbols.

The Sarcophagus opens and a green illuminous liquid pours out of it. Everyone stops and faces him. Try it SHAW pulls the lever and lifts the helmet off from her shoulders. Her eyes and mouth are closed but she then opens her eyes and takes in breath. I can breathe. How is this possible? A large pipe is next to the door. DAVID notices something on the wall and climbs up the pipes and finds a lever on the wall and pulls it. DAVID passes them and looks back at the doorway and studies the hieroglyphics and symbols written around the doorway.

What do you make of these? DAY JANEK sits at his chair and stares at the large holographic monitor in front of him which shows the live footage shot by the groups shoulder cams. The voices of the group can also be heard. DAY A thin but strong wire has been tied around one of the many cone shapes rocks and the rest of the long wire is carried by FIFIELD who takes it to the edge of the hole and drops it in.

We see the flare dropping quite some distance. DAVID helps them gain their balance. DAVID moves further through the area. DAVID then turns and begins walking into a larger section of the area. His flash light zooms in on a large three foot URN like jar which stands next to others. See Mr Gigers concept art. What so you have to say? As he takes his hand away a sticky glue substance sticks to his hand. A circular pattern with a small button in the centre can be seen. DAVID pushes the button and it clicks down.

There is a series of clicking followed by a louder click. The top opens and there is a release of hissing gas. A white cylinder type jar slowly ejects from the URN. There is a series of different coloured buttons and many weird and strange hieroglyphics.

It has three very long fingers and a thumb. DAY The thick dense greyish white clouds begin swirling even faster and a series of thunderous bangs are heard as a lightening storm can be seen from within.

RAVEL look! JANEK stares out of the window and his eyes widen. Everyone exits their vehicles. SHAW spots the bag just a few meters from the ramp outside. She kneels down and picks it up. She stops moving as a loud thunderous storm can be heard. She looks up into the horizon only see a great EPIC spectacle. The entire cloud formation in the sky is falling to the surface in the distance and approaching the ship like a tsunami.

The day soon turns to night. SHAW is in total awe and shock. She slowly stands up as the storm gets closer. SHAW is suddenly hit by the violent storm and is lifted into the air and thrown diagonally away from the Cargo Bay.

The violent storm fires through the Cargo Bay throwing everyone around the area like rag dolls. V and we are turning and twisting as he are lunged into the air. She sits by the table and smokes. What is it? I care more about these people and you than you think. SHAW smiles. SHAW You still here?

DAVID stands by his table staring at his finger. On the table is the large bag. It is completely enclosed in the rubbery white JAR. He places the strange beads inside and shuts the hatch. He presses a button and a buzzing noise comes from the hatch. He places the HEAD on it. SHAW We found evidence of extraterrestrial existence. SHAW You like me? SHAW But look at me now. SHAW gasps for air and tries to push his hand away but he forces his hand to continue rubbing her leg.

SHAW No. Holloway wait. What you doing anyway? JANEK shakes his head and sighs. RAVEL smirks. The storm has passed and the night sky is illuminated by a blanket of Aurora, the large Saturn type planet and hundreds upon hundreds of stars. The sound of the howling winds resemble an unearthly scream.

He looks down and notices blood stains rising from the groin area of his trousers. He sits down at the edge of the bed and holds his head in shame. He looks over at SHAW whom is sniffling and tears can be seen dripping from her eyes.

Are you sure? The oxygen, the clouds, the atmosphere is artificial. Can you do me a favour and call Miss Shaw and Miss Mudow for me? She has her left hand pressed against the wall. As the water runs down her body her hand hand wipes down her upper thighs cleaning away the blood which is leaking down. She if sniffling and crying. Her blood is washed down her legs and washes down a drain in the centre of the room.


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