This is the LRAD, or Long Range Acoustic Device, which can emit a decibel beam of sound and has become increasingly popular as a crowd-control device in the United States and around the world. A video from the event shows protesters covering their ears and backing away as the truck-mounted LRAD, which resembles a satellite dish, emits a high-pitched noise, similar to a car alarm. The LRAD can also be used to transmit spoken messages across long distances. In Pittsburgh, police used the LRAD to warn protesters to evacuate the city streets surrounding the summit site. Navy vessel, in Yemen.

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Function[ edit ] LRAD operator wearing hearing protection The parameter "ka", which is the wave number multiplied by the speaker radius, is often used to characterize sound source directivity. This was the first time it was used during a protest in the U. Lacking a way to utilize the LRADs purchased to their full potential sparked an investigation suspecting corruption behind their acquisition.

He also stressed that the police decided to make this investment because, "We needed good sound reinforcement equipment. With numerous demonstrations and gatherings, police need a public address system that allows you to reach thousands of people. They can also use it as a loudspeaker to tell people to get out of the way.

Myrtle Beach police captain Marty Brown told the Myrtle Beach city council that "his department is getting the LRADs to enhance their communication capabilities be it with large crowds or for emergency announcements such as evacuation orders. An NYPD pickup truck equipped with an LRAD parked near protesters and broadcast a looped warning message about staying off the streets and not blocking the sidewalks. Captain Jonathan Franks with GPD says it can be used for alerts for everything from riots to missing children to weather disasters.

CPD expects to use the device for crowd control, barricaded suspect operations, and to communicate to residents during emergencies and natural disasters. Allman recalled the search for Aaron Bassler, who had been accused of murdering two men in Fort Bragg and led law enforcement officers on an intense manhunt in the Noyo Basin, saying the LRAD might have made that search a little easier.

He said it could also be used to warn residents in case of a tsunami. He also said the LRAD could prove a valuable asset in a barricaded-person situation a person hiding out from officers in a building to communicate from the outside of the building, which has happened before.

Mercedes Fortune. Severe flooding in the area claimed several lives and destroyed hundreds of homes in May The system emits a shrill sound followed by spoken instructions such as "shelter in place" or "wildland fire, evacuate now.

Fire officials said testing of the Long-Range Acoustic Device siren is taking place in areas of unincorporated Sonoma County outside Healdsburg city limits but still may be heard by Healdsburg residents depending on where they live. The fire district also showed how the ShakeAlert system could eventually be tied together with its LRAD to provide area wide audible alerts for earthquake, flood, fire and other emergencies.

The combined siren loudspeakers receive emergency messages via satellite and have back up batteries if the power fails. LRAD systems project both siren and voice recordings to alert and inform community members during large-scale disasters. The LRAD systems are expected to be installed by the end of The security detachment aboard Biscaglia was reported to have used an LRAD device in an effort to repel attackers armed with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. Following a one-sided shootout, the ship was seized and the unarmed security contractors abandoned ship leaving the ship and crew to the pirates.

No attempt was made to use the LRAD device during the incident. It was spotted fixed to a landing craft on the Thames. The device was used against activists of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Army helicopters depicted in the film Apocalypse Now.


LRAD – 100X

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