Hugh, a retiree with 8 patents to his name from a career in the technology industry, created his filament extruder as a part of the Desktop Factory Competition. He went back into development and completed a second unit in time to win. He is currently up to a v5 for the Lyman Filament Extruder see the video above , and you can see the video and photos below to see the v2 extruder that won the Desktop Factory Competition. He built one, and then another and then another. I tinkered with it and used common sense. The contraption melts the pellets, then squeezes the resulting molten plastic into filament which emerges from a nozzle and coils on the floor….

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Please do not use this code in products 3D printers, CNC etc that are closed source or are crippled by a patent. It replaces much of the control electronics in the current design with one controller. It can control the extruder motor, puller motor, Extruder heater PID with thermistor, winder motor, filament cooling fan and has input for a filament width sensor. The processes and menus have been adapted to control a filament extruder. This code is currently in design, development, and testing and so might not be ready for casual users.

This firmware is based on Marlin 3D Printer Firmware but also has many original parts. Marlins eat Mackerels and 3D printers consume filament. Can also be quickly adjusted with the LCD. Accurate temperature control of extruder barrel Uses Marlin temperature PID control and allows for auto-tuning With the filament diameter sensor, accurate filament diameter control.

Displays statistics average, min, max of filament diameter. Displays length of filament extruded. Allows selection of different thermistors like Marlin Can connect with Pronterface or Repetier Host to view the extruder temperature trending curves.

Smooth motion control of extruder and puller geared stepper motors Uses the Marlin motion control Has an input for mechanical switch to allow quick control of the extruder motor. Ability to control speed of the brushed DC winder motor. The default baudrate is This baudrate has less jitter and hence errors than the usual baud, but is less supported by drivers and host-environments.

More work is needed to make the codes relevant to a Lyman filament extruder. More work is needed to make it compatible with other hardware. Much of the Marlin code that handled board selection is still there, but needs to be updated.

Work is needed to make the software flexible to run without this feature. Motor speed control is handled by generating a sequence of position instructions in the code. It would be better to control the speed of the motors directly. This would require changing the guts of the step pulsing routine. I wanted to keep that intact. Filament control is with a PID loop, but there is dead time in between where the filament is extruded and where it is measured.

A Smith Predictor would be a better way to control it. The firmware has untested Smith Predictor code but I commented it out since it seemed more complicated to tune more parameters in additon to PID and may not be as robust. Only uses 2 stepper outputs, so there is room for leveraging the other 3 outputs to control other steppers. Add means to save run statistics in the SD card. Could capture system data at regular intervals for analysis later. Implemented G Codes:.


Lyman filament extruder






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