Shaktik Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Hold in as long as you need to reverse stitch, then release to resume regular stitching. I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. And the plastic cams?

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It was a Singer Fashion Mate with a garish orange tinge rather reminiscent of faded curtains after a hot summer. The Fashion Mate has completely plastic casing, not something I am overly fond of. First of all you need to get the top off, this is fairly simple, there are only two screws holding it on.

The second is under the felt disc on the thread spool. Next take the handwheel off. The belt will make it hard, just pull! And the plastic cams? Now take the back off. You will need to take off the belt cover and handwheel as described previously.

To take the back off remove the screws marked in diagram. Tip the machine up and remove the metal light bulb cover, it will only get in the way. Make sure pressor foot is raised. Remove screws indicated Now comes the tricky bit. Place your machine as illustrated above and GENTLY lever the left hand side from the base of the casing with a screwdriver. At the same time it may help to have two people grab hold of the right side and pull it towards you. You should now be able to gently push it to the left and it will come free.

Now your machine should look like this. With the back off Now clean and oil your machine. This one was very dry and I had to give it a thorough oiling. I also had to clean a lot of rust off the main shaft. Next I cleaned and oiled the base of the machine. First of all I took it out of its plastic base, this is fairly simple, just remove the two grub screws holding the hinges to the machine.

Next I opened the bobbin plate and took the throat plate out allowing me to access the bobbin and hook area. To get the bobbin case out lever the piece of metal on the right up and over the screw it is sitting over, as shown in the image below. Now the bobbin case and hook can be cleaned properly. This machines bobbin case was very rusted so I dealt with that before progressing. Last of all I turned the machine upside down and cleaned and oiled the base.

These machines have a fabulous belt drive underneath and the belt on this one is in surprisingly good condition - it looks almost new. Fabulous belt drive. Now all I need to do to this machine is give it a very thorough cosmetic job.

I am guessing someone stored it in a shed or garage for a while because the hard cover and base are very dirty and the locks rusted stiff. Posted by.


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